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Destination Wedding Questionnaire

Beach Bum Vacation™ looks forward to spoiling you with a stress-free, convenient and exciting journey towards your dream-come-true destination wedding! The Beach Bum Dream Wedding Team carefully customizes and caters according to YOUR needs, creating the most amazing, memorable experience of a lifetime with no hassle, no fees and no delays. Beach Bum Vacation is your "one stop" friendly and knowledgeable destination wedding shop! Your Beach Bum Destination Wedding Specialist will coordinate your guests' travel and act as a liaison with the onsite resort wedding coordinator to ensure seamless success and sheer bliss for your big day!

This form is the first step in our Destination Wedding planning process. Please provide detailed information below. The more details that you can provide to your Beach Bum, the better your Bum will be able to service you and recommend the resorts and destinations that will best fit YOU for your dream wedding!

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Your Information - Please give us as much information as possible.

Who is your Certified Travel Concierge?
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Do you have a specific resort in mind?

Do you have a specific destination (country) in mind?

Are you looking for an all inclusive resort?
Are you looking for an adults’ only resort?
Do you want a quiet, romantic resort or more upbeat and lively?

Do you prefer a fabulous beach for swimming or is having a great pool more important?

What kind of room options do you prefer?
Are you planning on leaving the resort to explore and experience the culture of the area or staying on property the majority of the time?

Do you want the resort to have a night life or social scene?

What kinds of activities on or off property are you interested in doing?

What is the most important thing in regards to the resort/destination that I need to know?

Do you plan on having a symbolic or civil (i.e. legal) wedding ceremony?

Do you have a budget for your wedding (not including your resort stay)?
Do you want to host a private reception?
Do you want to host other private events (i.e. welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, brunch)?

Do you mind getting married during the week or do you prefer a weekend?
What is your ideal wedding location?

Do you want or plan to bring your own photographer or use the resort photographer?

Do you plan to have spa services done (i.e. hair, make-up, nails, massages)?

Are you looking for a standard wedding package or do you want to "design" your own wedding from scratch?

What is your budget for your resort stay/flights?
How many nights/days do you plan on staying at your wedding location?
Where will you be flying from?

How many guests are you planning on inviting to the wedding?
How many guests do you think will attend?
How many children will you invite and what age range?
Child Ages
What budget for guests do you have in mind (we can assist with this)?
What airport will your guests be flying from?

How many nights/days do you prefer your guests stay?
Do you plan to relocate for a private honeymoon after the wedding?
What is your budget for the honeymoon?
How many nights/days would you want for your honeymoon?
What did you love about your last vacation?

What would you change about your last vacation?

Is there anything else we need to know about your destination wedding, resort or honeymoon vision?