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Giving Back: Responsible Travel and Voluntourism in the Caribbean and Mexico

By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Cares | 1 Comment

By: Beach Bum Lisa, President of Beach Bum CARES Do you find yourself interested in visiting exotic locations and giving back to the local community?  Are you interested in helping build a school, deliver school supplies or deliver computers to schools who are in need? It took a few movie stars to make it popular, […]

Traveling with Toddlers: The Excitement

By: Beach Bum Lisa, Mom of two toddlers, ages 2 and 4 So you have decided you want to take a vacation, and…. you want to bring your toddlers. Your parents are questioning your sanity. Your friends think it’s a great idea. And you are excited but wonder, “how in the world am I going […]

Tried, tested and true: Our Preferred Partners

By: Beach Bum Carey When I tell people I am a certified travel concierge with Beach Bum Vacation, I often get a puzzled look followed by the question, “why would anyone want to work with a travel agent when it’s so easy to book your own vacation online?” I could go on and on with […]

Getting Real About Destination Weddings

By: Beach Bum Marcie Let’s be honest!  Having a destination wedding and getting outside the traditional norm for weddings is hard!  It takes a special breed of bride and groom and sometimes a lot of nerve to tell your friends and family that they have to travel to a foreign land to see you walk […]

Beach Bums Blogging for YOU

By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation | 1 Comment

  We have been anticipating this day! It is with great excitement that we bring you Barefoot with the Beach Bums, Beach Bum Vacation’s very own blog. We are proud to make our debut in the blogging world and look forward to sharing with YOU, the Beach Bum at heart. Embark on this journey with us; […]

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