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Beach Bum News

It’s Our Birthday… and You’re Invited to Celebrate!

Beach Bum Vacation was founded 12 years ago this month, on Valentine’s Day 2000. We’ve grown quite a bit over the years, adding new destinations to our travel résumés, making destination wedding planning easy for hundreds of couples, welcoming new Bums to our family and developing friendships with management at the best all inclusive resorts to […]

Nowhere On Earth Like Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia

By: Beach Bum Kristin I have a confession. I do not care to watch reality TV. GASP! I know, right? Reactions that I regularly get from friends are, “What is wrong with you?” “That is un-American.” “You are not normal.” That was UNTIL….The Bachelor. At first I started watching because the advertisements sucked me in. […]

Not All All-Inclusives Are Created Equal

By: Beach Bum Steve An all inclusive resort is quickly defined by Wikipedia as “a resort that includes a minimum of three meals daily, soft drinks, most alcoholic drinks, gratuities and possibly other services in the price.” For the most part, this is an accurate description but even this definition doesn’t tell you EXACTLY what to expect when booking […]

Wordless Wednesday

By sarah | Posted in Bahamas, Beach Bum Vacation | 2 Comments

Value For Your Money

By: Beach Bum Hayley Value (val yoo); the worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody. How valuable is your time away? You work so hard, often receiving as few as 7 to 10 vacation days all year! Using your vacation time wisely is hardly an understatement! You look forward to, expect, hope for, and […]

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