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Protect Your Beach Bum Vacation

July 27th, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation, Travel Insurance | Leave a comment

By: Beach Bum Hayley

“Why do I need travel insurance anyway?” Well, here’s the deal my fellow travel lovers; whether you’re planning a family vacation, honeymoon, group getaway, or destination wedding it’s bound to happen! What’s bound to happen you ask? We’re all guilty; we plan, we save, we dream… we drift off into a euphoric trance with visions of how perfectly blissful our upcoming getaway will be. Palm trees swaying to & fro in a gentle sea breeze, reggae tunes tantalizing your soul with calming beats, turquoise waters whispering harmonious lyrics, silky white sand beaches paving your leisurely stroll, coconut scented sun tan lotion glistening on your skin, & of course, a frothy, ice cold Pineapple Pina Colada soothing your cares away… awwwh, we’re heading for tranquility. We feel so incredibly accomplished and happy to have finally booked this trip. We believe nothing & no one will get in our way. “I’ve worked toooo hard for this once in a lifetime family vacation to allow anything to ruin this trip!” “I planned my honeymoon over a year ago, there’s no way I’m not going!” “I’ve dreamt of my beach wedding since I was a little girl, nothing will stop me!” Ok, so you’re saying this trip is pretty important to you? You have saved long and hard, & you are well overdue for this much needed rest. The countdown begins…

Little do you realize the evil lurking; Hurricane Ernesto is ready to creep upon your harmonious break from reality with its dark, ugly swirls. Hurricanes are just one of many reasons why you should ALWAYS purchase travel insurance. You say you’re not traveling during hurricane season, fair enough, but what will you do if (Heaven forbid) someone near & dear to you suffers a serious life threatening situation? How can you travel if you’re ill & in the hospital on your scheduled day of departure? We don’t think that our airline could cancel our flight at will, do we? Did you know your airline could go bankrupt & they are not entitled to re protect you on another flight? What about that brand new suitcase with your nice new duds neatly packed away inside, it won’t get damaged, lost, or stolen, will it?  Would you ever think you’d break your arm learning how to surf while on your vacation? Is it possible you could find out you are allergic to shellfish while enjoying that beach front, candlelight, romantic lobster dinner on your honeymoon? Did you realize your medical insurance doesn’t provide coverage outside of the US? Nawwwh, “none of these things will ever happen to me.” “Aren’t these just scare tactics to make me spend more money?” “Insurance is a rip off, I never get it.” “I’m an optimist, none of these things are going to ruin MY vacation.” “I’m going no matter what!” There’s those famous last words, how many times do I hear that per week? Too many to count, but sadly reality bites & life has it’s challenges every single day, always at the most inopportune moment.

Folks, you must protect yourself, and your investment. If you don’t, you’ll wish you did for one reason or another, mark my words. Who would have thought 9/11 would have ever, in our wildest nightmares, occurred? Swine Flu, earthquakes, volcanoes, sickness, death, broken bones, lost luggage, flight cancellations, stolen personal effects, job loss, break ups… oh, the list goes on and on, and on, you simply can’t leave your money & dream on the table to chance.

You want to be prepared for all cases so your precious time away isn’t ruined. Beach Bum Vacation’s insurance includes coverage for trip cancellation (for any reason, up to morning of departure), trip delays caused by bad weather or mechanical issues, medical expenses, lost, delayed, or stolen luggage. The price of an insurance policy is a very small price to pay for peace of mind & protection from unforeseen circumstances. You will feel much safer when you are insured and enjoying the trip will be much easier when you know that you & your family is taken care of, what a relief. So make sure before you go on another trip in another country, or wherever you may be going, to inquire about & purchase travel insurance. The Beach Bums have your back and want to help protect your hard earned vacation. Travel insurance can be a real lifesaver!