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Climb to the Moon in Aruba’s National Park

July 11th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

The nightlife around the 5 star hotels of Aruba is sure to be thriving on your next all inclusive travel experience there, & with little else to worry about besides what you'll be doing throughout the day, you have the opportunity to take it all in. However, there's another activity that's just as exhilarating you could be doing at night.

One of the most famous features of the tropical island is the picture-perfect sunsets that line its western coast. While you'll find many other tourists filling the beaches & any other spot with a good view, you can take advantage of the time you have to spend a whole day preparing for the event.

On top of Aruba
Arakok National Park makes up more than one-fifth of Aruba's land area, providing anyone who explores the nature inside it with a bastion of freedom away from the other tourists on the island. If you're looking to see as much of the country as possible, the tallest point on the entire island of Aruba is the perfect way to take it all in at once, according to

The peak of Mount Jamanota rests at 620 feet above sea level, giving you a remarkable view all around you, stated USA Today. With 29 miles of trails to navigate, you could spend all day in the park, stated.

If you want to see the sunset in all its beauty & stand beneath the starlit sky, you might want to consider Arakok Park as the location to host your venture. You should begin your excursion early in the day if you hope to see everything contained in the park before the sun starts setting so you can find the perfect position to watch the show on the slopes of Mount Jamanota.

A moonlight hike
If possible, try to synchronize your visit to Aruba with the full moon so you can go on a Jamanota Full Moon hike to see both the magnificent sunset as well as the lunar spectacle that rises in its wake from the most ideal spot on the island.

From high on the mountain you'll be perfectly poised to see your tropical destination bathing in the moonlight after a long day of exploring its natural recesses, USA Today added. If you don't feel comfortable in your ability to navigate the terrain in the park or you just want to learn as much as you can about the area, you can arrange an expert guide to escort you & your party to the summit.

Be sure to bring binoculars & any other tools you might desire to better enhance your hike.

Elbow Cay Provides a Calm Atmosphere for Surfing

July 8th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

For the thrill seekers on luxury travel to the Bahamas who want to steer away from the large crowds that gather around 5 star resorts & other popular tourist destinations, there's an island on the edge of the archipelago that blends excitement with the atmosphere of a small town.

At only 6 miles long, Elbow Cay isn't the most grand of the Bahamian islands & with a population of around 400, it may seem like a forgotten place, according to Coastal Living.

However, its position in the Caribbean Sea allows surfers to benefit from some of the best waves in the region thanks to the weather systems that move off of the United States' east coast, reported The Surfing Site. With warm temperatures all year long, the strong waves steadily affect the northern beaches of Elbow Cay so travelers don't have to worry too much about choosing the most opportune time to visit.

Elbow Cay is located conveniently close to the U.S. at less than 70 miles away from the mainland, making it an ideal destination for American surfers looking for a tropical experience, the source stated.

The small island is a great place for the people who want a more calming environment to relax in. The largest settlement is Hope Town, which is a unique mixture of a Caribbean setting & the allure of New England, asserted Coastal Living. Whether it's the pastel-shaded homes or the large striped lighthouse the prominently marks the skyline, tourists won't have much to concern themselves with other than whatever they want. Most of the residents on the island walk & bike everywhere, and visitors will have to do the same, because cars are prohibited on Elbow Cay.

There are plenty of excellent surfing opportunities right near Hope Town, so tourists don't have to travel far to catch some waves, according to USA Today. Elbow Cay is right next to many popular areas & provides a different kind of charm for those who wish to get away from the typical Caribbean craze.

A Caribbean Vacation of Hollywood Proportions

The next time you're looking for a luxury travel destination, you need search no further than the Caribbean. The exotic scenery, 5 star hotels & idyllic climate all come together to create the perfect recipe for a sensational vacation, but the added allure of locations that served as the setting for some of Hollywood's most iconic motion pictures might just be the cherry on top.

Many of the popular tourist destinations in this tropical locale are near recognizable movie scenes. With enough adventurous spirit, you can see a few of these around your location.

Where it all started
Ever since the motion-picture camera was produced by Thomas Edison's company, the art of film has been capturing the beautiful Caribbean to bring all of its splendor to people far away, reported USA Today. Edison's company filmed the first movie in the region in 1903, & that led the way for other Hollywood filmmakers to take advantage of its natural grandeur.

Classic films have recorded the Caribbean waves rolling onto the sandy shores of Marigot Bay, St. Lucia, in "Dr. Doolittle" and the streets of South Bimini in the Bahamas where Hannibal Lector made his leisurely getaway in cult classic "Silence of the Lambs". These movies highlight the beauty you can experience firsthand on your vacation.

The birthplace of a legend
Some of film history's most legendary characters, movies & motifs have emerged from the Caribbean, but one in particular hails predominantly from Jamaica.

A small villa in Oracabessa is where author Ian Fleming wrote his first James Bond novel, according to Caribbean Travel Mag. The entire island also served as inspiration for many of the future exploits of the fictional super spy.

The settings for the book transferred over into the world of films from the very first movie. You can go to the same beach where Ursula Andress appears from the sea at Laughing Waters Beach for an entrance that lives on in Bond history. Whether it's a cruise port, a mansion or a waterfall, locations all over Jamaica have direct links to Hollywood, making this island getaway perfect for film buffs and Bond fans.

You can even recreate certain scenes to ensure the photographs from the trip are as distinct as possible while also capturing a memorable vacation that will endure just as the classic movies.

Travel to Jamaica or any of the other Caribbean film locations to see just what made those spots stand out from the rest & land on movie screens around the world.

Relax Like a Cat on Cat Island in the Bahamas

When you go on a tropical vacation, the perfect climate has a way of numbing the worries & concerns of your mainland self. While sitting around & enjoying the luxury travel comforts of 5 star hotels, sometimes it's good to distance yourself even more so from the reminders of home.

In order to do so, you often have to make your way to some secluded spot so that you can be alone with your thoughts, simply enjoying the here & now. If you find yourself enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, then the secluded & undeveloped Cat Island is definitely a spot worth checking out to find the type of peace that can only be attained through reflective beauty & comfort.

Cat Island may not have much infrastructure, but the island is home to untarnished scenes of beauty that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Though the island is small, it contains the highest point in the Bahamas & miles of splendid beaches with soft white sand & warm lime-green water, according to USA Today.

Its position near the Tropic of Cancer keeps the temperatures ideal year round, & with many nature trails leading you though the unique history of the island, it won't be hard to find your own place to relax, stated

There are many opportunities to partake in riveting activities akin to most Caribbean vacations such as shark diving, scuba diving around coral reefs & shipwrecks, or even hiking through ruined cotton plantation of the past, reported My Out Islands.

However, on Cat Island you can do as much or as little as you want, choosing to either engage yourself in the bastion of wilderness contained within the shores or sprawling out on one of the quiet spots on the island. 

Walk Amongst the History of Santo Domingo

July 8th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

On your next all inclusive travel trip to Punta Cana, break away from the gorgeous beaches & service of 5 star hotels like the Iberostar Grand Bavaro for a day to take a road trip to the other side of the island. Travelers that do won't be disappointed because they'll be immersed into an entirely different atmosphere that rivals the tropical destination.

Santo Domingo is the oldest European city in the Caribbean, having been founded in 1498 as a Spanish colony by the brother of Christopher Columbus, according to USA Today. With an abundance of history dating back to the New World, Santo Domingo is a perfect display of when cultures collide in a beautiful setting for you to enjoy.

A much easier journey
If you wanted to visit Santo Domingo from Punta Cana a couple of years ago, the journey might not even have been worth it. The drive between cities would take eight hours to get there & come back, the source stated. By the time tourists would arrive, it would already be almost time to return to their 5 star resorts. However, the new Coral Highway has reduced the travel time by half, making the trip very doable with ample time to experience all it has to offer.

Centuries of history to explore
The heart & soul of Santo Domingo is the Colonial District, which has a collection of historical buildings & ruins. When you're walking through the city streets, you'll witness key pieces of the country's past, such as the Monasterio de San Francisco, the oldest such monastery in the New World. Though the centuries-old building is in ruins, the Ministry of Tourism holds free outdoor concerts every Sunday night to breath some new life into the old structure, stated Santo Domingo Tourism.

The church was built in 1508 & what remains has managed to survive two earthquakes, a hurricane & an invasion by Sir Francis Drake.

For a piece of history that's still intact, check out one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city – the Alcázar de Colón. The building is the oldest viceroy palace in all of the Americas, the source asserted. Christopher Columbus' son used to live there & it served as the Spanish Court  for almost 60 years. It was even the base for conquest into the entire region such as Cuba, Peru, Florida & more.

Take a drive to Santo Domingo to round out your tropical vacation & see one of the most important cities of the New World.

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