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Have a Cozy Wedding in Jamaica

July 10th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Beach Weddings, Destination Weddings, Island Weddings | Leave a comment

Destination weddings culminate in that picture-perfect scene of a couple standing by the ocean on the beach with the sun setting behind them. However, many of the tropical destinations couples choose tend to be filled with tourists, making it quite difficult to recreate that perfect image from many soon-to-be-married couples' minds.

Sometimes future newlyweds opt for staying close to 5 star resorts to make use of their private beaches as a way of maintaining that sense of intimacy that can be easily lost when a random stranger walks by in the background, shifting the texture of sand just enough to tarnish memories.

However, travelers don't have to worry about any unexpected interlopers ruining island weddings in Jamaica, because one of the most popular areas on the island is also a go-to spot for tourists looking for that perfect wedding setting.

Cornwall Beach is located on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay & the beautiful scenery rivals any other destination in the Caribbean, according to USA Today. With perfect waves cascading across the sand & a mixture of colors in every sunset that look like a mural in the sky, the feature that sets it apart from other beachfront locations is the fact that the entire beach can be rented for the occasion.

Wedding consultants on-site help in the logistics of planning the magnificent evening, preparing flowers, cake, music & even marriage licenses, the source added.

Cornwall Beach's unique position in the heart of a tourist area gives wedding guests plenty of options for entertainment before & after the ceremony as well, reported Island Buzz Jamaica. A variety of restaurants, clubs & shops help round out the destination wedding experience by giving visitors a taste of the local culture vacationers from all over come to experience.

A Memorable Proposal in Jamaica

Beach weddings are one thing, but a timeless proposal against a tropical backdrop can wrap up the perfect moment for many couples. While the Caribbean is a popular destination for honeymoons, it also provides many amazing experiences that could make for an unforgettable proposal. Whether it's atop a steep mountain overlooking the sparkling sea at sunset or aboard a private boat, sailing with the wind in your hair, the exotic locations & activities of the region give you & your loved one a vast array of possibilities for the moment that may define the rest of your lives.

If you find yourself in Jamaica & love is in the air with the big question on the tip of your tongue, this tropical island might have just what you need to get the blood pumping through your spouse's veins before the pivotal moment.

In a scene practically straight out of a love story, you can propose while on horseback after riding straight into the sea, side by side with the one you love, according to USA Today. The Horseback Ride 'n' Swim tour gives you the chance to ride a majestic horse through the serene & beautiful landscape, exploring rainforests, country roads & seaside cliffs.

At the conclusion of the tour, you can gallop along the white beaches of Jamaica before making the plunge into the water & a future together, stated Island Routes. If you don't want an audience sharing this intimate moment, you can organize private rides, giving you all the space you need to get everything just right.

Don't settle for a typical, generic proposal. Take advantage of the tropical location & do something different. Make a splash with your proposal so the memory lasts a lifetime.

Jamaican Weddings Go Beyond the Tropical Setting

June 6th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Beach Weddings, Destination Weddings, Island Weddings | Leave a comment

If you're going to have a destination wedding, there's no reason you shouldn't go all out. Against a beautiful backdrop of tropical scenery & surrounded by your closest friends & family, it might be hard to think of a way to take the experience even further. However, Jamaica has plenty of options available to make the most memorable day of your life even more unforgettable.

When people picture island weddings, images of the bride & groom standing on a sandy beach with crashing waves & a beautiful sunset in the background come to mind. A wedding in Jamaica can either shatter these perceptions of grace or take it down a more exhilarating path instead. One thing is for certain though, you'll quite possibly have the best wedding story to tell out of everyone you know.

A scene straight out of a fantasy
If you've ever dreamed of that fairy tale wedding full of luxury & beauty, there's a destination not far from Falmouth that may fit the bill. The Good Hope Estate is made up of over 2,000 acres of land with it's yard stretching out toward the Queen of Spain Valley & the Cockpit Mountains towering in the distance, according to USA Today.

The wedding couple can arrive to the historic plantation house in style with a horse-drawn carriage pulling up to the door with guests all around.

Originally built in 1755 by Colonel Thomas Williams for his wife, the location seems destined for love & weddings, accepting all who desire the ceremony be held there, stated the source.

The thrill of a lifetime
Elsewhere on the island at the Mystic Mountain in Ocho Rios, couples have the chance to get their hearts beating for a whole other reason than nervousness. Aboard the Sky Explorer chairlift, the bride & groom can exchange their vows hanging 700 feet in the air, according to the Rainforest Adventure website.

This wedding package comes with photos as well as witnesses if need be in case any of the guests aren't as brave as the soon-to-be newlyweds. The "I Do at 700 Feet" offer takes the scenery of destination weddings to a whole new level – literally. Couples will have a view unlike any other as they gaze out at the expansive rainforest below before turning to each other to begin their lives together hanging from the top of the world.

For those looking to make their wedding experience even more unique than the standard tropical ceremonies, Jamaica has a host of locations suitable for any wedding album.

A Wedding in Front of an Aruba Sunset

For many, destination weddings represent a perfect dream come true on a very special day that you'll always remember. With beautiful tropical scenery & all of your closest friends & family, nothing could be better. At beach weddings, you enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience by joining a small club of couples sharing this moment in a timeless location. The Caribbean offers many scenes for tropical weddings, but Aruba offers a magnificent backdrop that can't be replicated anywhere.

Aruba is famous for its sunsets, with all kinds of vivid colors ranging from every corner of the palette, according to Enjoy Aruba. The clean air presents you with a clean sky for this view on your wedding day that will transport everyone at your ceremony away into your fantasy with you. There's no more perfect of an occasion to share this spectacle of natural beauty than with the love of your life at an exotic paradise.

The hotels in Aruba offer party packages for extended stays in what could turn wedding celebrations into a true vacation for your guests. Begin your new lives together in style & luxury before heading back home.

Having a destination wedding in Aruba even provides plenty of opportunities for fun. You can go horseback riding over the terrain & bond even more with your significant other in the exploration of the glorious landscape. You can catch that sunset that will live on in your thoughts once more before departing or rent a boat to sail along the beaches at dusk together. If you're going to get married on an island beach in the alluring tropics, you might as well do it at this beautiful time where the sky seemingly paints an elegant canvas before your eyes & in your honor.

Vacation Proposals

March 12th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Honeymoons, Island Weddings | Leave a comment

It's true, beach weddings & a honeymoon in Hawaii are something of a common occurrence nowadays, but that's because the romantic setting of a tropical getaway is picture perfect to most. If you've been looking for the opportunity to pop the big question to your significant other, a vacation to an island paradise is a sure way to make one of the most important memories of your life even more special. There are countless possibilities to make your proposal a grand gesture of love worthy for the ages.

Let your location inspire you
Utilize the setting & your surroundings no matter what you do. You're at a location the likes of which are not commonly seen in the world and will always be a big part of the story that you'll be telling for the rest of your life. Whether you're staying in Jamaica or the Bahamas, your destination should be able to provide you with everything you need for your plan.

Above all else, make sure your idea caters to the interests of your partner. Depending on what you do, you may have to coordinate very heavily with the resort staff or local guides.

Someone with more of an active personality might consider a hike up a gentle mountainside that leads to a breathtaking view overlooking the sea or countryside, like a scene taken straight from a movie.

Incorporating more of the beautiful water could include proposing on a rented boat, sailing through the reefs. Anyone with more of a high-speed passion could take a moment out of jet skiing in open water, with no one else around, to ask. Some destinations are surrounded by a number of deserted islands that may warrant a detour. Proposing on an uninhabited island in the mists of raw nature could establish a bond worthy enough to make that small piece of land your own personal kingdom for the rest of your lives.

Activities to help
For the more traditional, there are numerous fine dining locations with ocean views & warm winds to choose from. Some resorts offer horseback riding that includes galloping through the waves, making it easy to organize a special, secluded route for the powerful moment to come.

Offbeat activities you can use to assist you may be setting off on a treasure hunt together, gathering clues that will lead your special someone to the ring. A proposal washing up to shore in a glass bottle may contain just the right amount of mystique & mystery, too.

Alternatively, you can never go wrong bending the knee on a gorgeous beach at sunset.

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