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Top 10 Reasons Riviera Maya is a Great Vacation Destination

At least once a week, a client tells me that they are not interested in visiting Mexico. Sometimes I find out it is because they have already been there several times and want to try something different (hey, variety is the spice of life!), but I find that all too often the reasons they do not want to go there is because of misconceptions they have heard about the country. Thank you, American media! News reports lead many to believe that Mexico is a country full of nothing but trouble and that you’d have to be crazy to choose to go south of the border! Guess what? You’re not going to be beheaded in Mexico’s beautiful tourist regions like Riviera Maya and in fact, I would say that you would be crazy NOT to consider Mexico as a dream vacation destination!

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Here’s a quick look at the many reasons why you should consider Riviera Maya- the tourist region south of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula- for your vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon!

10. It’s easy to get to! Flights to Cancun are plentiful and affordable from most cities in the US.

9. It’s safe! The region has been so heavily supported by tourism for years and as long as you exercise the same basic common sense that you would use at home (don’t get completely wasted & wander off by yourself into a dark alley!) , you’re going to be completely fine. The Beach Bums and our clients have safely traveled to Riviera Maya & Cancun for years.

8. Value for your money! You simply cannot beat Riviera Maya when it comes to finding luxury for less money!

7. A wide variety of great all inclusive resorts. There are hundreds of the resorts in the area – many are NOT worth your time or dime, so get in touch with a Beach Bum as we will guide you to Riviera Maya’s best all inclusive resorts!

6. A Jacuzzi for two in your suite! This luxury is considered a standard amenity at many resorts. I’m so spoiled after my awesome vacations in Riviera Maya that I find it difficult to really feel like I’m on vacation if I don’t have a Jacuzzi in my suite!

5. Yes, I wrote “suite” in #6 – accommodations in Riviera Maya are generally over-sized so chances are, you won’t feel like you’re cramped in a small hotel room. Instead, you’ll lounge in luxury in your spacious junior suite, which is the lead-in room category offered at many Riviera Maya resorts!

 4. Great promotional perks! This goes along with #8, but it’s hard to pass up the types of room upgrades and amenities that many resorts in Riviera Maya are now offering. How about getting a private candlelight dinner on the beach, couples massage, breakfast in bed, bottle of champagne, fresh floral arrangement & romantically decorated Jacuzzi with rose petals & candles STANDARD as part of your honeymoon or anniversary vacation?! That would normally cost around $800 but you can get it included at no additional cost in Riviera Maya – just ask your Beach Bum for details!

3. 24/7 room service that is included. Yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or late night munchies delivered to your room at no additional cost to you! We just suggest that you tip the server who brings it to you, especially if it’s the 5th night in a row you had a craving for chips & guacamole at 3 am! 😉

2. Proximity to a variety of tours & excursions! Once you’re in Riviera Maya, it’s easy to indulge in so many exciting adventures! If you’re into history & archeology, go to the ruins of Tulum or Chichen Itza, one of the seven wonders of the world! Like an adrenaline rush? Go ziplining, parasailing, tour an underground river, take an ATV safari or cliff jumping! If you’re an aquatic lover, go snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins or even swimming with whale sharks!

1. Don’t take my word for it- listen to what other tourists are saying about their Mexican getaways at Mexico Taxi Project! A cab driver went “undercover” and filmed what real people across the US and Canada said about their vacations after traveling to a variety of destinations throughout the country. It’s pretty interesting to hear their thoughts!

For those of you who have been to Riviera Maya or Cancun, you tell us – why do you love traveling there?!

Value For Your Money

By: Beach Bum Hayley

Value (val yoo); the worth, importance, or usefulness of something to somebody.

How valuable is your time away? You work so hard, often receiving as few as 7 to 10 vacation days all year! Using your vacation time wisely is hardly an understatement! You look forward to, expect, hope for, and deserve maximum satisfaction during your precious time off.

A Real Beach Bum photo at Le Taha'a in Tahitian Islands

Beach Bum Vacation receives many trip requests that ask for a vacation or honeymoon… that is “as inexpensive as possible” or “somewhere warm, as long as it’s cheap.” Hey, we get what you’re trying to say but what you need to be seeking and asking for is “the best value for my money.”

Cheap (cheep); of little account; of small value; shoddy. Who wants to spend $100 for that, let alone $2,000 or more?! Cheap trips typically result in the traveler wishing they never went away at all due to poor food quality, lack of service, unclean environment, rundown accommodations,  overall disappointing, unsatisfactory experience. What a waste of valuable time and money!

As a Beach Bum Travel Concierge it’s our duty to ensure you understand the difference between a seemingly attractive, inexpensive package and a terrific value for money. Let’s face it, there are so many options out there these days. The internet is so overwhelming and can make your travel planning an extremely daunting task. How can you possibly know what’s what when they all appear so enticing, inviting and attractive?

Beach Bums in Action

Top Five: BEST Value For Money Tips!

Tip #1: Seek the guidance of a Beach Bum Vacation Travel Concierge! Our knowledge and expert advice is at absolutely NO cost to you!

We’re friendly and fun, we enjoy what we do, we definitely know what we’re talking about, and we love being a part of planning the perfect travel experience for you and your travel companion(s) so you will enjoy sharing the Beach Bum travel experience with your friends and family!

Tip #2: Look for resorts that are consistently reviewed at least 4 (out of 5) star by past guests. We will share past guest reviews and feedback with you as well as provide you with our personal tried and true experiences.

Tip #3: Look for resorts that include added values such as golf green fees, room service, water sports, tours, excursions, spa credits, complimentary room upgrades, candlelight dinner on the beach, catamaran cruises etc. These items truly add to your vacation/travel experience. When not included these features can amount to BIG $ so to have them included is a tremendous value for your money!

Beach Bums on a Sunset Catamaran Cruise

Tip #4: Look for packages vs. trying to piece your trip together. You’ll get more for your money and it’ll be more convenient. You’ll also have the option to make payments instead of paying in full at time of reserving.

Tip #5: Go All Inclusive! You will inevitably save exponentially. There are so many necessary elements of a vacation that you may not be considering when reserving your room and airline tickets (i.e. alcoholic & non alcoholic beverages, bottled water, gratuities, airport transportation, water sports, entertainment, activities, tours, excursions, food, snacks, room service, mini bar purchases…) All of these items add up more than you would imagine. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll save money by traveling non-inclusive because you “don’t drink alcohol” or are “not a big eater.” $5-$10 for a bottle of water is par for the course ladies and gentleman. Stress-free planning is knowing how much your vacation is costing upfront, without any hidden surprises. Not having to bring your purse or wallet to the swim up pool bar or constantly sign off on a credit card “tab” whilst on your honeymoon is a priceless experience.

Beach Bums Ziplining

All Inclusive is truly the best value for your money when considering where you want to spend your vacation, honeymoon, family reunion, destination wedding OR corporate group incentive trip. All Inclusive is often misinterpreted or unappreciated; negative stigma from the days of old portrait ideas that you’ll only receive domestic, watered-down drinks, reheated leftovers at the daily buffet… Sure these places (who will remain nameless) still exist! We will tell you if you’ve got one of these culprits in your realm of consideration; trust your Beach Bum, they won’t steer you wrong! Over the years the All Inclusive package has been perfected by select brands that combine luxury, top notch accommodations, excellence in service, & gourmet a la carte fine dining. These are the best in their class offering YOU the VERY BEST in quality, value for money and overall experience! These outstanding brands include; El Dorado Resorts, Azul Resorts, Sandals Resorts, Beaches Resorts, Couples Resorts, Royal Resorts, Gran Caribe Resorts, & Palace Resorts.

We very much look forward to helping match you with the very best valued Beach Bum Vacation for YOUR money!

With Truth, Honesty & Sincerity,

Beach Bum Hayley & Co.

Getting Real About Destination Weddings

By: Beach Bum Marcie

Let’s be honest!  Having a destination wedding and getting outside the traditional norm for weddings is hard!  It takes a special breed of bride and groom and sometimes a lot of nerve to tell your friends and family that they have to travel to a foreign land to see you walk down the aisle.  These couples run the risk of alienating the people who they love the most, ticking off their religious leader and/or being caught in a hurricane!  But you know what we love is that they throw their veil in the air and go for it! Beach Bum Vacation’s team of certified travel concierges are among the best professional destination wedding planners and have helped over 300 couples get married in the Caribbean and Mexico!  We are back to back The Wedding Channel’s top vendor for destination weddings and we are so blessed that this special group of the wedding market exists!

Destination wedding couples are laid back, 100% in love, and can be caught playing touch football (together) two hours before they say their vows at sunset.  They don’t stress about the exact color of ribbon on the invites (because they might not send out traditional invitations) or what shoes will work (so many beach brides decide to go barefoot) or which music they walk down the aisle to (for many couples, nothing beats the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing). Eliminating these detail decisions really does take out so much stress (and money) from their lives. Easy, lovely, romantic.  The destination wedding couple gets it right every time no matter how big or small their group, because there is just something so genuinely sweet about an intimate moment in the sun, holding hands, saying “I do.”

Beach Bum Marcie and husband Erich

Destination weddings can be as over-the-top elaborate as you’d like or as carefree, easy breezy as you are. You have the option to custom tailor every detail or pick a standard package – whatever your style may be!

I was a destination wedding bride myself with Beach Bum Vacation before I became a Beach Bum, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that this is not an event I would want to plan on my own, but Beach Bum Hayley showed me how to easily plan a destination wedding.  From the hundreds of properties to choose from to the legalities of each country to not knowing who has the best beach, I was overwhelmed with the choices!  Thank goodness a friend recommended me to Beach Bum Hayley in early 2006, because there is so much (mis)information out there when one googles, “destination wedding” or “Caribbean weddings.”  I will never forget printing off dozens of pieces of paper from multiple sources that claimed to be experts on a wedding abroad and was flooded with pop ups, advertisements, and cheap resort deals left and right!  This was not the best way to go about this process, I could tell that immediately, and lucky for me, I was able to shred all that online “expertise” as soon as I spoke to Hayley in person.  She eased my mind, helped us make the best decision and guided us to our unforgettable beach wedding in Negril with no strings attached.  We never looked back!

Getting outside your comfort zone and planning a wedding event from thousands of miles away is special, exciting and intriguing, but you may also run the risk of royally screwing it up!  Beach Bum Vacation specializes in the expertise of matching couples and their families to a destination and resort that will provide EVERYTHING they are looking for in their dream wedding location. Essentially, it is our goal to offer couples stress-free destination wedding planning. We plan with you and walk our brides and grooms through a step by step process, essentially guiding you through a list of preferred wedding resorts, where we have maintained personal relationships with managers and wedding coordinators to ensure that you are well taken care of on the wedding side, as well as, match you up based on your vision on the resort side.  Why risk the most important day of your life booking through an online “expert” or discount website that claims to know what you want, when you can talk to your very own Beach Bum Wedding Concierge on the phone or through email 24/7?  It seems like a no brainer to use a Beach Bum!

And, it was for me.  Beach Bum Hayley took my now husband and me through all the reasons she felt Beaches Negril in Jamaica was a perfect “match” for us when she spoke with us.  Looking back, based on everything we told her, it would STILL be the perfect match even today!  That is what I love.  The many choices out there can be easily narrowed down once you speak to a Beach Bum, get down to the nitty gritty of what it is you may envision, because we have been there, seen that and know everyone who can help make your planning experience smooth and as stress-free as possible!

Beach Bum Marcie's Destination Wedding Ceremony at Beaches Negril in Jamaica

We are so happy that in 2012, the “norm” is changing and brides and grooms are choosing a destination wedding over traditional weddings now more than ever! It’s not such a rarity to ask your guests to pack their bathing suit and flip flops and join you on the beach!  We are passionate about making dreams come true and sending you off to paradise to be married.  It’s such an amazing time in your life and should be something that is nurtured and well taken care of for the duration of the planning, while you are traveling and once you return!

Trust me, it’s normal and reasonable to worry on occasion and have stressful moments, but at the end of the day, there is this amazing calmness that I associate with these couples, and they handle it with grace because they have Beach Bum Vacation on their side!  It’s incredible!  When it really comes down to it, as long as the bride and groom both show up, the sun is shining and the water is blue, what more do you need?  Just love (and the brilliant sunset)!  It’s a perfect recipe for the wedding of your dreams.

Mr. & Mrs. Muensterman

Choosing a destination wedding is the risky part, so make getting married away the easy part by choosing a Beach Bum Vacation wedding experience!

The Wedding Party

Wedding Photography by: Josh Rittenhouse of

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