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Relax Like a Cat on Cat Island in the Bahamas

When you go on a tropical vacation, the perfect climate has a way of numbing the worries & concerns of your mainland self. While sitting around & enjoying the luxury travel comforts of 5 star hotels, sometimes it's good to distance yourself even more so from the reminders of home.

In order to do so, you often have to make your way to some secluded spot so that you can be alone with your thoughts, simply enjoying the here & now. If you find yourself enjoying a vacation in the Bahamas, then the secluded & undeveloped Cat Island is definitely a spot worth checking out to find the type of peace that can only be attained through reflective beauty & comfort.

Cat Island may not have much infrastructure, but the island is home to untarnished scenes of beauty that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Though the island is small, it contains the highest point in the Bahamas & miles of splendid beaches with soft white sand & warm lime-green water, according to USA Today.

Its position near the Tropic of Cancer keeps the temperatures ideal year round, & with many nature trails leading you though the unique history of the island, it won't be hard to find your own place to relax, stated

There are many opportunities to partake in riveting activities akin to most Caribbean vacations such as shark diving, scuba diving around coral reefs & shipwrecks, or even hiking through ruined cotton plantation of the past, reported My Out Islands.

However, on Cat Island you can do as much or as little as you want, choosing to either engage yourself in the bastion of wilderness contained within the shores or sprawling out on one of the quiet spots on the island. 

Walk Amongst the History of Santo Domingo

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On your next all inclusive travel trip to Punta Cana, break away from the gorgeous beaches & service of 5 star hotels like the Iberostar Grand Bavaro for a day to take a road trip to the other side of the island. Travelers that do won't be disappointed because they'll be immersed into an entirely different atmosphere that rivals the tropical destination.

Santo Domingo is the oldest European city in the Caribbean, having been founded in 1498 as a Spanish colony by the brother of Christopher Columbus, according to USA Today. With an abundance of history dating back to the New World, Santo Domingo is a perfect display of when cultures collide in a beautiful setting for you to enjoy.

A much easier journey
If you wanted to visit Santo Domingo from Punta Cana a couple of years ago, the journey might not even have been worth it. The drive between cities would take eight hours to get there & come back, the source stated. By the time tourists would arrive, it would already be almost time to return to their 5 star resorts. However, the new Coral Highway has reduced the travel time by half, making the trip very doable with ample time to experience all it has to offer.

Centuries of history to explore
The heart & soul of Santo Domingo is the Colonial District, which has a collection of historical buildings & ruins. When you're walking through the city streets, you'll witness key pieces of the country's past, such as the Monasterio de San Francisco, the oldest such monastery in the New World. Though the centuries-old building is in ruins, the Ministry of Tourism holds free outdoor concerts every Sunday night to breath some new life into the old structure, stated Santo Domingo Tourism.

The church was built in 1508 & what remains has managed to survive two earthquakes, a hurricane & an invasion by Sir Francis Drake.

For a piece of history that's still intact, check out one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city – the Alcázar de Colón. The building is the oldest viceroy palace in all of the Americas, the source asserted. Christopher Columbus' son used to live there & it served as the Spanish Court  for almost 60 years. It was even the base for conquest into the entire region such as Cuba, Peru, Florida & more.

Take a drive to Santo Domingo to round out your tropical vacation & see one of the most important cities of the New World.

Swim With Dolphins From an Island in the Sea

If any of your next family vacations take you to Punta Cana, prepare to meet some of the smartest animals in the world at the Dolphin Island Park. Every member of the family has the chance to swim with dolphins as the trainers explain the lives of these magnificent creatures.

The park is actually a floating platform sitting in the middle of the sea, but you don't have to worry about getting there. A Dolphin Island Park shuttle will pick you up from nearby 5 star hotels & transport you to the docks for departure on one of their boats, reported USA Today.

The whole journey to the platform will accentuate the experience with local music & traditional Dominican drinks on the boat ride, stated Punta Cana DMC. Once you've arrived, hop in the water to mingle & swim with the six dolphins that live in the park.

Those aren't the only sea creatures at Dolphin Island Park either. You can head over to the aquarium to watch sharks & manta rays or take a trip to shore to meet the sea lions. The employees have underwater cameras to capture the whole experience on film, so you can take pictures of your aquatic adventures.

Take a few hours to get away from the exotic beaches to see what lies beneath the surface of the tropical waters & what some of its inhabitants are like. The Dolphin Island Park is for tourists of all ages, making it an attraction the whole family can enjoy. At the end of the day, after you've made some new friends, the shuttle will bring you back to your hotel so you can continue delving into everything else Punta Cana has to offer, both on land & on the water.

Exciting and Unexpected Adventures Await Inland in Aruba

Some tourists go on adult vacations for a period of rest & relaxation, but others are looking for adventures they can't find anywhere back at home. While many of the tropical locations in the Caribbean are full of opportunities to engage in daring activities, Aruba provides a diverse excitement that can't be easily matched anywhere else in the region.

Aruba not only has the exotic setting of a relaxing trip, but a wide array of recreations that harness its nature for adrenaline-filled excursions. Whether it's on land or sea, vacationers will feel like they're having a luxury travel experience with the various attractions available.

Aruba's sands don't just cover the beaches
While many travelers will be laying across the white sands of Aruba's famous Palm Beach, the more daring can venture to the nearby Arikok National Wildlife Park where conditions resemble a desert more than a tropical paradise, reported USA Today.

Tourists are free to explore the park any way they'd like, but for a truly unforgettable experience, they should get behind the wheel of a 4×4 Land Cruiser to race through arid terrain decorated by cactuses. Speeding across the landscape with crashing waves colliding against a rocky coast is a whole new way to view Aruba for most people. The area is ripe with attractions as well such as the Natural Pool and the Natural Bridge.

The pool is a collection of ocean water surrounded by rocks that contains all kinds of striking sea creatures with colorful fish, turtles & sometimes even octopuses, the source stated. The Natural Bridge isn't the original formation that once stretched along the coast, because that collapsed thanks to erosion, but a smaller example of the geographical feature remains. Though it's not as large, vacationers can still walk across this naturally occurring phenomenon if they're brave enough.

Your own contribution to the landscape
Companies like DePalm Tours offer people the chance to explore this countryside in groups on UTV vehicles that each carry two people in an off-road safari, stated the DePalm Tours official website.

Making their own paths in the Aruban sands is just one way people can leave their mark on this destination. Pillars of stone are left dotting the shores after years of weathering & many people reenact the process by stacking stones to make columns of their own, dedicated to the island, USA Today stated.

Travelers can see a side of Aruba that many don't get the chance to witness & even potentially leave a lasting impression on the landscape for others to see. But one thing for certain is the impact the island will leave on the memories of everyone who embraces their wild side with nature during their vacation.

The Cayman Island Blow Holes Aren’t on Whales

June 30th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

The various destinations throughout the Caribbean pride themselves on their scenic beaches & tropical climates, but many of the coastal regions have their own unique features that set them apart from all the others. If you're thinking about luxury travel to the Grand Cayman island & are looking for something different from the traditional sand along the shores, then the Blow Holes on the eastern portion of the island is a stop for you.

Instead of the soft beaches the rest of the island sports, the Blow Holes are eroded from lime rock made out of petrified coral, according to USA Today. Due to the constant pressure from the waves below the water's surface, much of the foundation of the rocky coast has given away to the sea. Some portions of the surface have collapsed thanks to the crushing waves, leaving gaping holes along the entire stretch.

When waves hit the rock, the water shoots out of the holes in a huge spray, simulating the blow holes of whales when they launch jets of water. Some of the geysers can reach as tall as 20 feet, reported Cayman Activity Guide.

Looking across the landscape with streams of water launching into the sky & the sound of crashing waves below, the scene could top any other beach weddings with a different twist on a classic celebration. Designated picnic areas with roofs provide you with a cool spot to enjoy the scenery or for events.

The Blow Holes can add some natural beauty to any vacation & is a sight you can't see anywhere back at home. Witness the power of nature & the wonders it can create at Grand Cayman.

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