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St. Lucia from the Sky – Helicopter Transfers

A visit to St. Lucia is something to be experienced instead of read about, but keep reading!  The island has been coined the ‘Hawaii of the Caribbean’ for it’s lush tropical landscapes full of mountain tops and beautiful beaches.

As with any vacation, the journey to the destination isn’t always the most enjoyable part, it’s actually being in paradise that re-energizes, relaxes and rejuvenates.  Now imagine you’ve landed on the southern tip of the island, you know you’re ready to sink your toes in the sand and start your vacation right away.  At this point, the last thing you want is another weary leg of the trip to get in the way but most of the transfers to the northern tip of the island are upwards of 90 minutes away by shuttle and include some pretty windy roads!

But you know this, your certified travel concierge has already informed you that a helicopter transfer will not only let you see the island and coastlines from the sky, but you’ll also be cutting down your commute time from 90 to 30 minutes!

You are no longer painfully enduring the transfer.  You’re killing two birds with one helicopter ride and actually enjoying it!  And, most importantly, you get more time to enjoy your vacation and spend a lot less time just trying to get there.

Take a look to see for yourself and get in touch with your Beach Bum, we’re here to help you plan the ultimate St. Lucia experience!

Airport Etiquette 101

March 12th, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Airport, Beach Bum Vacation | 1 Comment

By: Beach Bum Marcie

Over the last 12 years, the Beach Bums have flown to multiple countries and cleared customs and immigration more times than we can count. Navigating the airport can often times be the most challenging part of travel, and we believe that being prepared is half the battle! Take our advice and armor yourself before you depart on your next Beach Bum Vacation! Spring Breaks are about to start across the nation, so airports will be busier than ever!

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Check in early! 24 hours before your flight, confirm the times and always arrive 2 hours before even if you are on a domestic connection.  Lines can be long and cumbersome, especially in busier airports like O’hare, JFK and LAX.

Pack light!  Airlines charge an overweight fee for baggage over 50 lbs.  Weigh your luggage at home and leave room to bring home souvenirs.

Keep Carry On Luggage small and simple.  This does two things – allows you to board the plane, sit down and get out of the way quickly.  Also you’ll be able to fit your bag under the seat in front of you, allowing you to have full access to your stuff while you are in-flight.  (Don’t you just hate it when you see that person clogging the aisle and trying every which way to shove their over-sized luggage in the overhead bin?)  A regular sized backpack should be all you need and it fits a lot of items…and under the seat.

Wear easy to remove shoes.  Talk about making it through security in a breeze… this will speed up clearing security by minutes.  Ideal footwear – slip on shoes, tennis shoes or flip flops depending on season.

Less is more! When you go through security you will have to strip down practically, so dress light on your travel day. Leave the belt at home, minimize your layers of clothing, travel with minimal jewelry (this also reduces your risk of losing something irreplaceable). And when traveling with kids, packing a light, easy to fold stroller is best!

Move out of the way. Once all your personal belongings have gone through the X-ray machine,  be prepared to grab your items and move out of the way. They’ll have a bench or area in which you can “redress” to avoid causing a back up in the line.

Reveal your electronics. Your laptop must come out of its case (this includes the Ipad, any oversized reading device, larger camera, etc.).  Remove these items before approaching security and be prepared to put them in their own bin.

Leave room for liquor. Make sure you have room for liquor in your checked luggage if you buy Duty Free on an international trip. You will not be able to carry it onto your connecting domestic flight, you will be required to put it in your checked luggage after clearing customs.

Follow the 3-1-1 Rule or be prepared to part ways with your liquids. Any liquids in your carry-on luggage must be 3 oz or smaller and fit in a quart size Ziploc bag. This includes but is not limited to: hair spray, liquid make-up, nail polish and more.

A few last tips:

Baby Formula must be in its original container – they will test it but it can come through.

It’s important to turn off your phone while going through Immigration and Customs.

On the last leg of your international flight you will fill out an Immigration Form. Here are the rules to follow: 1 form for each person, fill out completely with a blue/black pen, have all flight information and passports handy, fill in return flight info as well. Be prepared and travel with your own pen.

When you embark on your next Beach Bum Vacation you’ll be the savvy traveler fully prepared and knowing what to do! Safe travels!