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Indulge Yourself in Nassau

Adult vacations in the Caribbean provide people with a chance to escape the everyday routine of ordinary life & pamper themselves with whatever makes them happy. When going to Nassau in the Bahamas, there are many opportunities for adults to exploit during their luxury travel experience when traveling alone or with other people their age.

The Bahamas offer a little bit of everything that any traveler can enjoy, ranging from unique food & drinks to history & wildlife. Some activities are best appreciated by adults traveling alone who don't have to worry about the impressions of children, so they can focus solely on leisure & comfort.

Feast & drink to your heart's content
Some people are eager to sample the cuisine that sets an area apart from all the others when visiting an exotic vacation destination. There are many places to grab a meal & strong drink in the Bahamas that deliver a low-key atmosphere. Nassau is home to many different eateries with exotic choices to pick from that will fill your stomach before you've even tasted a fraction of what they have to offer.

The Bahamas' signature dish is conch salad, & there are many variations to try, according to the BBC. The sea snails are traditionally served with peppers, tomatoes, onions & orange or lime juice, but even the small island chain has restaurants that stand apart from the rest. Places like Dino's Gourmet Conch Salad draw in locals & tourists from all corners of every island with unique interpretations on the famous meal by adding in apples, mangoes & other fruits for a more tropical version.

After you've sated your appetite, head to any of the picture-prefect beaches for a fruity, tropical drink. There are stands scattered all around the edges of the white sand beaches where tourists can stop to grab a fresh drink for happy hour or catch impromptu music performances or poetry regions, the source stated. These small shacks give you the chance to enjoy the Bahamas at your own pace where you can stop just to admire the view & relax.

Some of the vendors mix pretty strong drinks using blenders powered by their own generators that are sure to help you loosen up. With the sand under your feet & the warm breeze in your hair, friendly bartenders do nothing but help you get into the vacation mindset.

Learn a new hobby at a cigar company
Those who appreciate the finer tastes in life such as cigars will love the Bahamas. Nassau is home to the Graycliff Cigar Company that's gained a reputation over its short history of making premium cigars.

You can learn a new craft with classes taught by expert cigar rollers on the process & the history of the company, USA Today stated. Tourists gain hands-on experience on what it means to be a torcedore, a master cigar roller, & can even package their lessons with a cigar & rum tasting experience.

Discover what it takes to create a cigar with just the right balance of tastes while you learn about the history of the craft & the effect it's had on the region.

When you travel alone or with other adults, you can indulge in pleasantries without having to worry about anything. For a vacation meant to relax & enjoy some alone time, be it lounging at the beach or touring a cigar company, Nassau provides many activities & cuisine to aid to that purpose. A tropical getaway is a chance to escape from your usual lifestyle & try new things.

Take to the Skies in the Grand Cayman

Family vacations aren't the only time you can have fun while visiting the Caribbean. There are some activities that aren't really meant for children, but can make grownups feel like they're kids again. Adult vacations on the Grand Cayman Island are often full of relaxation by the beach & a strong drink in hand where you can enjoy some peace & quiet away from the stresses of everyday life back at home.

However, that's not the only thing an adult can do during their stay. Some attractions bring you to step closer to science fiction at this tropical location.

Take a jetpack joyride
One of many people's greatest aspirations is to fly freely through the air, soaring over everything with their feet dangling below. Thanks to Jetpack Cayman, this dream can become reality. Using the power of the water around you, tourists strap on a jetpack with a tube connecting to a pump that forces liquid out of vents on the jetpack, causing it to lift & hover above the water's surface.

Visitors don't need to have any prior jetpacking experience as instructors will guide you along the way with safety tips & directions, according to Caribbean Travel. Once you get the hang of suspended free flight, your can whip around to your heart's content. It's easy to get caught up in the moment, picturing yourself as some kind of super spy or out-of-this-world explorer.

Glide just above the waves or reach as high as you can at Jetpack Cayman with the world's first recreational jetpack, stated the source.

Whiz around the whole Caribbean
This activity is one of the fastest growing water sports in the Caribbean, reported Travel Agent Central. Other venues for this aquatic adventure are popping up at other popular vacation destinations such as the Dominican Republic where people have the chance to make their dreams come true.

Take to the skies with a friend or by yourself & truly feel what it's like to have fun on vacation. With your heart beating fast from the excitement of defying gravity, businesses like Jetpack Cayman go beyond other water activities like windsurfing or parasailing, putting the control in your hands.

The next time you go to the Caribbean on vacation, keep a weary eye on the horizon & you might just spot someone flying through the air. Before you know it, you could see water jetpacks filling the coasts alongside surfers, divers & everything in between in what may become the norm at tropical destinations.

The Wild Side of Jamaica Lies to the Southwest

On luxury travel to Jamaica, many people only see the northern portion of the island & everything that comes with the 5 star resorts near it. To get the complete Jamaican experience, travelers often venture to the southern part of the island where the wild adventures of the nation await. While it is a bit more isolated compared to many of the typical attractions, travelers will be well rewarded when they see a side of Jamaica completely unlike anywhere else on the island.

The Sandals Whitehouse European village & spa provides a luxurious infusion of the different influences that helped shape the region & serves as an excellent jumping off point for the adventures of the area. This Beach Bum video explores the rooms, restaurants & other attractions the resort offers.

There are a number of tourism groups operating in the area that provides visitors with the chance to explore the coast on voyages. Vacationers can go on a safari along the Black River, for instance, where people have the opportunity to see crocodiles lurking in the water, reported USA Today.

Like a scene straight out of a jungle story, tourists at the YS Falls can swing from the vines hanging on the trees to drop into a pool at the bottom of a waterfall for a memory like no other.

Tourists can sample some Jamaican rum at the famous Appleton Rum Estate situated along the river. The estate has been operating since colonial times, according to its official website. When the English occupied the island many years ago, they discovered upon transporting the rum back to England that the longer the liquid calmly rocked in the barrels on the ships riding the waves, the smoother it tasted. Now the estate experiments with all kinds of techniques to make a lighter rum for people to enjoy.

Those looking for a more romantic site can visit Lover's Leap & contemplate the beauty of the 1,600-foot cliff at the sea's edge. There, legend says two slaves jumped to their deaths instead of being separated.

The exotic southern coast of Jamaica provides an exciting escape that simply cannot be experienced by the side of a pool. Tourists can make their vacation interesting by exploring the wild side of the tropical island.

What to Bring Back Home From the Caribbean

No matter what kind of luxury travel experience you go on, the souvenirs you bring back with you not only are an excellent way to show off to friends back at home, but they're an important part of remembering all the good times you had while on adult or family vacations.

Throughout the Caribbean there are locations that have their own identifiable memorabilia that tourists can pick up. Some are just a sort of proof of travel, while others are items you can't find anywhere else.

Bring the tastes of Jamaica back home with you
For the travelers looking to expand their culinary palate when back at home, Jamaica offers a number of original spices & flavors that can transform any meal into a local-tasting dish. Walkerswood Caribbean started making sauces & seasonings in 1978 in an effort to bring employment to the local community, its official website stated. Its goal was to make it easier for people around the world to cook Caribbean food with all of its traditional tastes.

Using ingredients only grown at local farms, such as bonnet peppers & spring onions, condiment-makers like Walkerswood provide tourists with the chance to take a little Jamaican jerk back home with them to spice up their dinners. Some of the sauces can be pretty intense, so interested buyers should take care when selecting their choice out of the 15 different options, which range from Jerk BBQ to Jonkanoo Hot Pepper.

The colors of St. Lucia
Instead of getting one of the generic T-shirts that simply states where you have been, St. Lucia offers a unique style associated with the island. Madras is a colorful fabric that seems to fit in perfectly against the backdrop of the Piton Mountains, reported USA Today. The cloth is checkered with a rainbow of colors & hails back to the time of traditional Creole festivals.

All around the island stores sell creations made up of this fabric. Popular gifts include a doll adorned with the pattern or even luxurious bed sheets you can purchase on the way out of the hotel. You can take the table clothes right off of the furniture & bring them home with you as a piece of your vacation that will remind you of your stay ever day.

Once you're back home, anything you wear with the Madras pattern on it will draw the attention of those near you, paving the way for all of the stories from your time staying at St. Lucia.

Sunday Isn’t the Day to Rest in Antigua

At Antigua's Shirley Heights Lookout, cannons look out across the Caribbean Sea in what was once a formidable British defense of the island. The times have changed, & soldiers no longer patrol the fortifications of the lookout. There is still plenty of history packed into these walls, however, & those interested in getting the full Antigua experience during their luxury travel trips should make sure they head to the site during any Sunday, according to USA Today.

The hike to get to Shirley Heights can be a bit intensive, so anyone on family vacations should consider driving up to the apex, which sits at 490 feet above sea level. Once tourists are at the top, they'll have a great view of the English Harbour below & on clear day they might even be able to see the neighboring island, Guadeloupe, or the Montserrat volcano, reported U.S. News.

Travelers can dine at a restaurant inside one of the restored military buildings or grab a drink before 4 p.m., because that's when the Sunday party starts. Local bands come out & fill the air with music & a barbecue is put on, serving out a taste of island cuisine. The area fills up quickly with tourists & locals alike, all looking for a good time that goes long into the night.

If you visit one of the Sunday parties, be sure to pay close attention to the time of sunset. A famous green flash streaks out across the horizon as the sun dips down, & it is certainly a sight you'll want to see while on your vacation. 

This classic Antigua location offers, beauty, history & culture all in one place, & the weekly tradition is one that anyone can enjoy. Travelers can walk around the lookout's ramparts as they look out over the harbour just as soldiers did centuries ago. Tourists can enjoy this fixed link to the past & enjoy everything it brings for the future.

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