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Exciting and Unexpected Adventures Await Inland in Aruba

Some tourists go on adult vacations for a period of rest & relaxation, but others are looking for adventures they can't find anywhere back at home. While many of the tropical locations in the Caribbean are full of opportunities to engage in daring activities, Aruba provides a diverse excitement that can't be easily matched anywhere else in the region.

Aruba not only has the exotic setting of a relaxing trip, but a wide array of recreations that harness its nature for adrenaline-filled excursions. Whether it's on land or sea, vacationers will feel like they're having a luxury travel experience with the various attractions available.

Aruba's sands don't just cover the beaches
While many travelers will be laying across the white sands of Aruba's famous Palm Beach, the more daring can venture to the nearby Arikok National Wildlife Park where conditions resemble a desert more than a tropical paradise, reported USA Today.

Tourists are free to explore the park any way they'd like, but for a truly unforgettable experience, they should get behind the wheel of a 4×4 Land Cruiser to race through arid terrain decorated by cactuses. Speeding across the landscape with crashing waves colliding against a rocky coast is a whole new way to view Aruba for most people. The area is ripe with attractions as well such as the Natural Pool and the Natural Bridge.

The pool is a collection of ocean water surrounded by rocks that contains all kinds of striking sea creatures with colorful fish, turtles & sometimes even octopuses, the source stated. The Natural Bridge isn't the original formation that once stretched along the coast, because that collapsed thanks to erosion, but a smaller example of the geographical feature remains. Though it's not as large, vacationers can still walk across this naturally occurring phenomenon if they're brave enough.

Your own contribution to the landscape
Companies like DePalm Tours offer people the chance to explore this countryside in groups on UTV vehicles that each carry two people in an off-road safari, stated the DePalm Tours official website.

Making their own paths in the Aruban sands is just one way people can leave their mark on this destination. Pillars of stone are left dotting the shores after years of weathering & many people reenact the process by stacking stones to make columns of their own, dedicated to the island, USA Today stated.

Travelers can see a side of Aruba that many don't get the chance to witness & even potentially leave a lasting impression on the landscape for others to see. But one thing for certain is the impact the island will leave on the memories of everyone who embraces their wild side with nature during their vacation.

Treat Yourself Like Royalty on a Jamaica Vacation

When on adult vacations, most travelers are looking to submerse themselves completely into a state of relaxation & leisure, with nothing to worry about except what to do later on in the day. The best way to do that is with all inclusive travel where tourists have nothing to fret over & everything is provided to them in abundance.

Throughout the Caribbean, there are a number of 5 star resorts that cater to the traveler's experience. While in Jamaica, one of the most luxurious getaways is at the Sandals Royal Plantation, where the atmosphere transports guests away from the troubles back home to a dream vacation served on a silver platter.

Service that takes care of you
The staff at Sandals Royal Plantation resort in Ocho Rios has been working since the 1970s to provide guests with personalized service during their opulent stay, according to USA Today. After being served by the hotel's personal butler service or visiting the only champagne & caviar bar on the island, travelers may have to remind themselves they're not actually royalty with all of the high-class service.

With the Royal Plantation's quiet & secluded beaches lining the whole resort, all the guests have to do is step outside to enjoy some alone time. The view of the ocean may be everything people need to let the worries of everyday life  melt away, but in case it's not, visitors need only get the attention of their vacation butler to give them whatever else they need.

The beauty of all inclusive
Along with the unique location at which travelers are staying in at the Royal Plantation, the resort lives up to its name with a majestic array of activities & features included with the vacation.

Guests are free to enjoy unlimited scuba diving excursions that take place daily for divers of all experience levels. Anyone else interested in spending time in the warm water can also choose from a host of other things to do such as snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing or sailing.

Those who wish to take their golf game to a whole new level are free to enjoy the Sandals Gold Club with a green looking out over the water, stated the resort's official website. This golf course keeps up with the standards set by the Royal Plantation with top-notch ratings from Golf Digest, & everything is included in the vacation package.

For a quiet vacation where travelers can focus just on themselves, Sandals Royal Plantation delivers the means to do so with tailored services for accommodation & a private location to enjoy away from the chaos of other tourist destinations.

Animals to See While in Costa Rica

For avid animal lovers, the Caribbean is a treasure trove of exotic diversity & beauty. In the wilderness away from the 5 star resorts lies a range of animals both deadly & adorable that those with an interest in wildlife are sure to crave. In order to see some of the most remarkable creatures, tourists may have to travel way off the beaten path in some cases or dive below the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Anyone who does embark on an adventure into the wilderness will be rewarded with sights & sounds not found anywhere else. A trip through the jungles, swamps & mountains of the region can make for quite the experience. Adult vacations in search of some of the rarest & oddest animals can span however far the eager traveler is willing to go.

Costa Rica's wildlife of legends
Costa Rica has one of the most diverse ecosystems in not just the Caribbean, but the world, according to Fox News. From primates, felines & birds to reptiles, frogs & insects, the range of wildlife is astounding. Coupled with the amount of national parks & bio-reserves, Costa Rica provides a unique opportunity for vacationers to hit the trail with a pair of binoculars & insect spray in search of creatures that could be straight from a fantasy story.

Some of the animals are as close to myths as you can get & may have even inspired a few of them, such as the legendary vampire bats. In truth they were actually named after the myth instead of the other way around, according to USA Today. Spanish Conquistadores were reportedly attacked by the creatures when they arrived in Central America many years ago & feared them. Although the Aztecs simply called them a name that translates to butterfly mouse.

These winged mammals are only found on the mainland of Costa Rica, so adventurers on the islands off the coast are out of luck if they wish to catch a glimpse of them flying around at dusk, stated the source.

An unparalleled biodiversity
Besides the soaring creatures of the night, there are a load of other animals tourists might be interested in trying to discover. Some of the wildlife hidden in the forests are perfect representations of the adaptability of the ecosystem like the strawberry poison dart frog.

This amphibian might be a bit tricky to find thanks to its size. Yet depending on the mood you catch it in, it could be an easy-to-spot bright red as the name suggests or a camouflaging green, reported Fox News. Not only does it have the ability to change color, but it uses resources naturally found in the jungle to create a poison for defense against predators.

Any vacationing explorer who spots one of these frogs would be wise to admire from a short distance. However, it's interesting to note that domesticated frogs are completely venom-free thanks to the diet they eat while in captivity.

An easier animal to find, if it just so happens to be near the ground, are the strange three-toed sloths. These sloths live their lives on a whole different schedule compared to humans. They typically sleep anywhere from 16-18 hours a day high up in the trees, but if tourists are lucky enough to see them on one of their trips to the ground, they're sure to have plenty of time to watch, according to the source.

A wide array of other animals lurk & move at all times of day, so there's something to see no matter when you explore. Whether it's jungle cats such as the ocelot that are twice the size of a house pet, but only active at night or the golden orb weaver spider hanging in the trees with webs strong enough to catch birds, every corner of the ecosystem has something to see. The list goes on & on, but a trip to Costa Rica is sure to be filled with animals not common to where you're from.

Caribbean Festivals Offer Glimpses Into the Local Culture

Luxury travel vacations to the Caribbean are always a great chance to relax & do only the things you want to for a short time before heading back to everyday life. However, if you manage to align your adult vacations with one of the many popular events & festivals that take place in the region, you can transform your trip into a memory that will vibrantly stick out for a lifetime.

These public celebrations are an excellent way for you to experience some of the culture of the Caribbean. Many of them tie into the tropical setting or lifestyle of the people, so it shouldn't be hard for you to find something that fits in with your vacation spirit. You may even discover a festival that caters specifically to your genuine interests, allowing you to witness a whole new side of whatever you're passionate about in a different part of the world.

Hit the waves in Antigua
Anyone interested in sailing will be in for a treat when the annual Antigua Sailing Week kicks off April 26 and runs until May 2, according to USA Today. This week has become of of the most popular international boating  events in the world that draws in people & boats from all different backgrounds, stated Antigua Nice.

You can see every kind of ship from sailing boats to super yachts docked to the piers in Nelson's Dockyard. The only way to enter the race is with a boat between 50 and 100 feet long, but other ships follow close behind the pack to get the best seats for the entire race.

However being in the race isn't the only part of Antigua Sailing Week that brings people to the island to celebrate. Elegant parties erupt all over the most iconic Antiguan locations. Wealthy yacht owners from around the world mix with the locals as music plays in the background & everyone has a good time.

St. Lucia knows how to bring the music
Festivals in the Caribbean have been largely influenced by St. Lucia following 23 years of the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Fest beginning at the end of every April & into early May, stated the festival's official website. With world-class performers & a big helping of St. Lucian culture, residents of the island have created the formula for an event that resonates throughout the whole region.

Blending international stars with local artists, the music along with the scenery of this festival are second to none. Overlooking Rodney Bay,  with the Pigeon Island National Landmark & Mindoo Phillip Park in the background, the sights will certainly captivate you when you're taking a break from the many street parties, according to USA Today.

But music isn't the only part of the festival. Art is displayed all over expressing the local heritage & culture of the people with interpretations in dancing, singing & fashion as well as visual work. This island comes alive with the sounds of local music & some renowned chefs from the area deliver the pinnacle of St. Lucian cuisine.

Many of the other islands in the Caribbean have their own festivals equally as grand & colorful. They're held in honor of all kinds of themes, bringing in people from all over the world. They could revolve around music, food, theater or even holidays like St. Patrick's Day. Whatever you're interested in, the Caribbean has an event for you. Share in the local excitement along with tourists from every corner of the globe. Coordinate your next vacation to overlap a few days of a festival around the area you'll be visiting & you won't regret it.

Spend Some Wild Nights in Cancun

Adult vacations south of the border tend to get a little crazy, & Cancun is at the center of it all. Around the 5 star resorts, a party scene's managed to carve itself a place amidst the backdrop of wilderness in Mexico nearby.

Anyone wishing to stay up all night & have a great time doing it need look no further than Cancun for the perfect destination. Whether you're right in the middle of the scene at the Hard Rock Hotel or situated farther away at the relaxing Isla Mujeres Palace, a wide array of nearby venues provides you with fun adventures that will last well into the night.

Some places to dance to your heart's content
A number of Cancun's venues host dancing for tourists to enjoy as long as they want.Their locations are very diverse & imaginative, as they all play off of the exotic scenery around them. Some places like the Coco Bongo take after a Las Vegas show, reported USA Today. Along with its multilevel interior that can hold up to 1,800 dancers, visitors are captivated by large projections & acrobats swinging through the air. Sometimes tribute bands put on performances paying homage to popular artists such as Queen & The Jackson 5.

Other clubs are more in tune with the exotic nature around them.

The look inside Dady'O is made to resemble a cave, much like the natural formations scattered around Cancun. People flock to its underground dance floor for all kinds of theme nights & bikini contests where the loud music is sure to keep you going straight through the night here with six bars to enjoy.

Cancun brings the parties
There are a few places in Cancun that give tourists an experience beyond what they're expecting. The City is a club that welcomes up to 5,000 people with nine bars scattered around the building to service all of them, according to USA Today. With DJs & live shows by popular performers such as Ludacris & Deadmau5, dancers are sure to be delightfully surprised when two large Dos Equis cans hanging from the ceiling to dump soap suds all over them.

Of course, the birthplace of the Señor Frog chain lives up to its reputation as a great restaurant during the day & the place to be at night. With any kind of party you can think of ranging from glow to pajama, Señor Frog is a staple choice when you want to dance the night away.

The Cancun location even has its own water slide visitors can use to dive into the lagoon on site, stated Cancun Care.

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