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The Cayman Island Blow Holes Aren’t on Whales

June 30th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

The various destinations throughout the Caribbean pride themselves on their scenic beaches & tropical climates, but many of the coastal regions have their own unique features that set them apart from all the others. If you're thinking about luxury travel to the Grand Cayman island & are looking for something different from the traditional sand along the shores, then the Blow Holes on the eastern portion of the island is a stop for you.

Instead of the soft beaches the rest of the island sports, the Blow Holes are eroded from lime rock made out of petrified coral, according to USA Today. Due to the constant pressure from the waves below the water's surface, much of the foundation of the rocky coast has given away to the sea. Some portions of the surface have collapsed thanks to the crushing waves, leaving gaping holes along the entire stretch.

When waves hit the rock, the water shoots out of the holes in a huge spray, simulating the blow holes of whales when they launch jets of water. Some of the geysers can reach as tall as 20 feet, reported Cayman Activity Guide.

Looking across the landscape with streams of water launching into the sky & the sound of crashing waves below, the scene could top any other beach weddings with a different twist on a classic celebration. Designated picnic areas with roofs provide you with a cool spot to enjoy the scenery or for events.

The Blow Holes can add some natural beauty to any vacation & is a sight you can't see anywhere back at home. Witness the power of nature & the wonders it can create at Grand Cayman.

Visit One of the Best Diving Sites in the Caribbean

June 30th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

For a luxury travel diving trip like no other, you have to visit the smallest island of the Caymans the next time you're staying at the Grand Cayman. Most 5 star vacations need some kind of world-class attraction to wrap them all together, & Bloody Bay at the Little Cayman island more than fulfills this quota. Largely regarded as one of the best diving sites in the world, this location is certain to impress you with its color & depth, according to Sport Diver.

On the northern shore of the island, in between other popular beaches, you will find some of the best coral walls in the entire region, dropping to depths of more than 6,000 feet, reported USA Today. If you're a novice diver, fear not – you don't have to face such a daunting abyss to enjoy this location. There are plenty of spots in Bloody Bay only as deep as 20 feet where you can admire the diverse beauty of this underwater ecosystem & the creatures that inhabit it.

All along the coral wall, an exotic array of colorful sponges, sea fans & other plants line the descent with all types of fish swimming about. Closer to deeper waters, turtles, sharks & rays can be found looking for a meal, stated Cayman Islands Greatest Dive Sites.

No matter how much experience you have with scuba diving, Bloody Bay offers many spectacular sights to behold that can't be found anywhere else in the Caribbean. Whether you're sticking close to the shores or looking out into the open expanse of the underwater landscape, this is one diving experience you'll never forget. Some have even described the area as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World, reported Sport Diver. 

Stop by the Big Sand Cay

June 30th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

When on a luxury travel trip to the Turks & Caicos, there are many chances to leave the comforting services of the 5 star hotels & see the raw side of the island chain. If you're up for a boat ride either from the Grand Cayman or Salt Cay, you can experience the remote beauty of the Big Sand Cay.

The uninhabited island doesn't see many visitors besides the occasional tour boat passing by, but this small island has many sights to offer interested tourists despite its meek appearance at first glance, reported USA Today.

There are many thrilling activities to do in the waters off Big Sand Cay's coast where the high corals protect you from the waves. The location is good for snorkeling with the metal anchors & chains of the British warship, the HMS Endymion, decorating the sea floor. The ship hit reefs & sank in 1790, according to When Where How. Tales of buried pirate treasure are also sure to keep the adventurous alert while visiting the island.

But perhaps the best sight on Big Sand Cay occurs only during the spring when nurse sharks gather to mate in its small bay, stated USA Today. The display of dorsal fins protruding from the water will be an unforgettable experience, especially with humpback whales swimming by in the background toward their own mating areas.

As a protected bird sanctuary, Big Sand Cay provides you with a deep connection to nature on land & in the sea. For some quiet time away from the popular tourist destinations back on Turks & Caicos, Big Sand Cay gives a nice contrast for either exploration or relaxation. If you feel like visiting the last piece of land in the Bahamian chain, this island gives you more than enough to do to make a day trip of it.

Plan for a Holiday in the Caymans

June 27th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Family Vacations, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

Though the winter holidays are still months away, the best time to plan family vacations for that time of year is far in advance, often during weather that's the polar opposite of what you can expect at a tropical destination. If you're looking to get away from the next cold winter, but still want to enjoy the holiday spirit of Christmas on your vacation, then the Grand Cayman island, the largest of the Cayman Islands, has a place for you.

At the 500-acre town of Camana Bay, the high temperatures don't dampen the festivities one bit. Every year this planned community hosts a month full of events to celebrate Christmas, according to USA Today. There's something for everyone to do here during the holidays.

The season kicks off with the annual lighting of a large Christmas tree decorated with thousands of bulbs in the middle of the Town Center. The air is filled with songs from carolers, & children have the opportunity to get their picture taken with Santa by a professional photographer, reported Compass Cayman.

The night is lively in the Christmas Market with shops & restaurants so you can get some alone time or your last minute Christmas shopping done. The children can keep busy at Starfish village, exploring their creativity with arts & crafts while you get some tropical Christmas presents for the tropical holiday.

Every Tuesday the town plays holiday movies in public spaces, so families can enjoy some time together under the stars. As an added bonus, every once in a while, Santa makes it snow. You'll feel right at home for Christmas at the Grand Cayman during this family vacation in the Caribbean except without all the hassles that sometimes come with winter.

The holidays are all about spending time with your family, and a tropical vacation is a great way to make the celebration even more memorable. You could build a snowman out of sand this year as you make Christmas memories that will always stand apart from the rest.

Enjoy a Different Time in Punta Cana

If there's one thing you won't expect to see on a luxury travel vacation to the Caribbean, it's a 16th-century European village, but that's exactly what can be found near Punta Cana, reported My Destination. A family vacation in the Caribbean can also bring you to the Mediterranean, which is what Altos de Chavon was modeled after.

The scenery at this location will only help transport you away as you become less sure of where & when you are, the longer you walk down the village's cobblestone streets. A trip to Altos de Chavon is a perfect day trip where you want to get away from the typical atmosphere of 5 star hotels.

A village out of time
Altos de Chavon was originally built at the request of Charles Bludhorn, former president of Paramount Pictures, as a present for his daughter, according to the source. Artists & craftsmen from all over the island climbed to the top of a cliff looking out at the Chavon River. The locals put a great deal of effort into the village's construction, with many of the finer architectural details made by hand such as the cobblestone streets & paths.

The designs throughout Altos de Chavon should be more than enough to captivate you, but there's activities within the hilltop village too. Further adding to the mixture of cultures in the area, many options for nightclubs, dining & shopping are available, keeping up with current times & regular vacation activities.

The visuals at Altos de Chavon aren't the only thing that may take you down a journey through time either. Every since the village was initiated, musicians from all over the world & with many different backgrounds have performed at this venue. Artists from Frank Sinatra to Carlos Santana have entertained the crowds on vacation at the village, & more come every year, stated My Destination.

So much to see in such a small place
Where all these world-renowned performers play is almost as spectacular, if not more, than the acts themselves. They all take stage in a recreation of a Roman amphitheater with the ability to seat 5,000 people, reported USA Today. Since 1982, this out-of-place, yet wildly appropriate stage has been hosting live entertainment for those who stop by Altos de Chavon.

Right in the center of the village is the Church of St. Stanislaus, dedicated after Pope John Paul II, who sent the ashes & hand-carved statue of the saint the church was named after, reported My Destination. Not only does the church perform its weekly religious duties, it provides an amazing location for destination weddings where tourists can have the best of both worlds for their special day – a tropical & European wedding all at one place.

The Archeological Museum can also be found in the town if you're looking for some legitimate history & not just a recreation. It has an array of pre-Colombian artifacts from natives to the island long ago that have been showcased in museums around the world from New York to Paris.

Whenever you're in the mood for a change from the general tropical vacation activities in Punta Cana, head up to Altos de Chavon for more than a change of scenery. Tour a village seemingly lost in time, but enjoy the thought of its place in this world: a present from a father to a daughter transformed into one of the island's best day trips.

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