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Sunday Isn’t the Day to Rest in Antigua

At Antigua's Shirley Heights Lookout, cannons look out across the Caribbean Sea in what was once a formidable British defense of the island. The times have changed, & soldiers no longer patrol the fortifications of the lookout. There is still plenty of history packed into these walls, however, & those interested in getting the full Antigua experience during their luxury travel trips should make sure they head to the site during any Sunday, according to USA Today.

The hike to get to Shirley Heights can be a bit intensive, so anyone on family vacations should consider driving up to the apex, which sits at 490 feet above sea level. Once tourists are at the top, they'll have a great view of the English Harbour below & on clear day they might even be able to see the neighboring island, Guadeloupe, or the Montserrat volcano, reported U.S. News.

Travelers can dine at a restaurant inside one of the restored military buildings or grab a drink before 4 p.m., because that's when the Sunday party starts. Local bands come out & fill the air with music & a barbecue is put on, serving out a taste of island cuisine. The area fills up quickly with tourists & locals alike, all looking for a good time that goes long into the night.

If you visit one of the Sunday parties, be sure to pay close attention to the time of sunset. A famous green flash streaks out across the horizon as the sun dips down, & it is certainly a sight you'll want to see while on your vacation. 

This classic Antigua location offers, beauty, history & culture all in one place, & the weekly tradition is one that anyone can enjoy. Travelers can walk around the lookout's ramparts as they look out over the harbour just as soldiers did centuries ago. Tourists can enjoy this fixed link to the past & enjoy everything it brings for the future.

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