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What to Bring Back Home From the Caribbean

No matter what kind of luxury travel experience you go on, the souvenirs you bring back with you not only are an excellent way to show off to friends back at home, but they're an important part of remembering all the good times you had while on adult or family vacations.

Throughout the Caribbean there are locations that have their own identifiable memorabilia that tourists can pick up. Some are just a sort of proof of travel, while others are items you can't find anywhere else.

Bring the tastes of Jamaica back home with you
For the travelers looking to expand their culinary palate when back at home, Jamaica offers a number of original spices & flavors that can transform any meal into a local-tasting dish. Walkerswood Caribbean started making sauces & seasonings in 1978 in an effort to bring employment to the local community, its official website stated. Its goal was to make it easier for people around the world to cook Caribbean food with all of its traditional tastes.

Using ingredients only grown at local farms, such as bonnet peppers & spring onions, condiment-makers like Walkerswood provide tourists with the chance to take a little Jamaican jerk back home with them to spice up their dinners. Some of the sauces can be pretty intense, so interested buyers should take care when selecting their choice out of the 15 different options, which range from Jerk BBQ to Jonkanoo Hot Pepper.

The colors of St. Lucia
Instead of getting one of the generic T-shirts that simply states where you have been, St. Lucia offers a unique style associated with the island. Madras is a colorful fabric that seems to fit in perfectly against the backdrop of the Piton Mountains, reported USA Today. The cloth is checkered with a rainbow of colors & hails back to the time of traditional Creole festivals.

All around the island stores sell creations made up of this fabric. Popular gifts include a doll adorned with the pattern or even luxurious bed sheets you can purchase on the way out of the hotel. You can take the table clothes right off of the furniture & bring them home with you as a piece of your vacation that will remind you of your stay ever day.

Once you're back home, anything you wear with the Madras pattern on it will draw the attention of those near you, paving the way for all of the stories from your time staying at St. Lucia.

Sunday Isn’t the Day to Rest in Antigua

At Antigua's Shirley Heights Lookout, cannons look out across the Caribbean Sea in what was once a formidable British defense of the island. The times have changed, & soldiers no longer patrol the fortifications of the lookout. There is still plenty of history packed into these walls, however, & those interested in getting the full Antigua experience during their luxury travel trips should make sure they head to the site during any Sunday, according to USA Today.

The hike to get to Shirley Heights can be a bit intensive, so anyone on family vacations should consider driving up to the apex, which sits at 490 feet above sea level. Once tourists are at the top, they'll have a great view of the English Harbour below & on clear day they might even be able to see the neighboring island, Guadeloupe, or the Montserrat volcano, reported U.S. News.

Travelers can dine at a restaurant inside one of the restored military buildings or grab a drink before 4 p.m., because that's when the Sunday party starts. Local bands come out & fill the air with music & a barbecue is put on, serving out a taste of island cuisine. The area fills up quickly with tourists & locals alike, all looking for a good time that goes long into the night.

If you visit one of the Sunday parties, be sure to pay close attention to the time of sunset. A famous green flash streaks out across the horizon as the sun dips down, & it is certainly a sight you'll want to see while on your vacation. 

This classic Antigua location offers, beauty, history & culture all in one place, & the weekly tradition is one that anyone can enjoy. Travelers can walk around the lookout's ramparts as they look out over the harbour just as soldiers did centuries ago. Tourists can enjoy this fixed link to the past & enjoy everything it brings for the future.

Walk Along the Devil’s Bridge in Antigua

May 29th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Family Vacations | Leave a comment

Every now & then it's good to get away from the 5 star hotels to experience the natural side of a tropical destination. Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you can't get some adrenaline pumping with some out-of-this-world experiences. Throughout the Caribbean there are opportunities for tourists to perform daring feats not possible back at home.

Antigua is host to a variety of a variety of activities & locations for the adventurous traveler, but perhaps the most exhilarating one is a trip to more eastern side of the island at the Devil's Bridge.

The site was named a national park decades ago, allowing travelers to freely enjoy it. Sometimes there are vendors selling drinks & snacks around the area so people can spend as long as they'd like enjoying the gorgeous space.

This natural attraction along the coast was formed over years from erosion from the crashing waves against the limestone cliff, according to Antigua Nice. Carved into the rock are blowholes where water pressure builds up over time. When a large wave hits, the water shoots up into the air. For family vacations, the area might be a little too slippery for young ones since there are no protective rails along the side, reported USA Today.

Devil's Bridge got its name from the turbulent waters below & a legend that states slaves used to jump off the cliff to finally escape their masters.

Anyone looking to witness the true marvel of nature need only travel to Devil's Bridge. A large portion of the cliff broke away centuries ago, making the bridge people see today. Travelers should seize the chance to see the force of the ocean at work while they still have the chance.

Take to the Skies in Aruba

May 28th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

Luxury vacation travel often means going all out to have the best time possible, no matter where you are. Any adult vacations in the Caribbean host a wide variety of activities, cuisine & sites that can't be replicated anywhere else in the world. However, the next time you're looking for a little adventure while vacationing in Aruba, peel yourself away from the spectacular white sand beaches to experience something else altogether.

The tropical island is hit by fast winds all year long, without many of the dangerous conditions that often come with them, according to USA Today. Take advantage of this perfect scenario by leaving land, no matter how hard that might be, to see Aruba from a different viewpoint altogether. This destination is one of the most popular locations for wind sports in the entire Caribbean.

Your choice of lessons
There are many different schools the wind sport beginner can go to for lessons. Depending on how in depth you want to go with the activity, these sessions could be as brief as a couple of hours or as intensive as a few days, reported USA Today. People from all over come to Aruba to harness the powerful trade winds to glide across the sparkling water & let the wind take them to new heights.

At Red Sail Sports, tourists who are familiar with surfing can get a new take on the sport by windsurfing. It doesn't matter what skill level you are, everything about the climate & location is perfect to either learn from scratch with the help of instructors or rent a board & hit the waves yourself, according to the companies official website.

For those who want to be a bit more daring on their vacation, Aruba Kite offers lessons for travelers to partake in one of the biggest growing water sports in the world: kite surfing. Zip across the waves only for the wind to carry you flying into the air with ease. Anyone feeling a little crazy can try to do as many flips & spins as they can before landing back on the water.

Strong currents & fierce winds
For one of the more intense locations in Aruba for wind sports, Boca Grandi beach is a beautiful stretch where the more experienced wind sport enthusiasts can show off their moves. Spectators can frequently be found watching along the white beach, according to

Swimming isn't recommended here because of the strong currents in the water, but travelers on the beach can watch the skills displayed or collect the wide variety of driftwood, coral & shells the waves wash to shore for memorable keepsakes.

A Stroll Through Time at Nelson’s Dockyard

May 28th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Family Vacations, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

No matter where you are in the tropics, family vacations provide countless opportunities to make memories with your loved ones. Out of all the locations in the Caribbean, one spot in Antigua offers an experience you can't find anywhere else in the entire world.

Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua's English Harbour reflects the area's history dating as far back as the 18th century, reported USA Today. The next time you're in Antigua & on your way to one of the 5 star resorts, stop by this fascinating national park, which is the only functioning Georgian shipyard on the planet, according to its official website.

An important piece of the island's history

Nelson's Dockyard was a key piece in the English defense of Antigua during colonial times. It hosted many famous navy commanders throughout history, such as Prince William Henry & Admiral Horatio Nelson, reported Antigua Nice. The dock was named after Nelson, who resided there from 1784 until 1787.

It became a popular port for ships preparing to travel across the Atlantic Ocean. Many skilled ship repairers worked on the docks & building facilities that still remain there today. It was eventually abandoned in the late 19th century & fell into disrepair, but with some repairs and ingenuity, the docks of Nelson's Shipyard have once again filled with people.

Nelson's Shipyard today

Today, the buildings stand repaired & filled with new businesses in what has become a landmark to the island's past. Instead of British warships anchored at port, it's luxurious yachts heralding in the transformation into a prime marina. Restaurants, hotels & shops line the docks.

A museum dedicated to the dockyard hosts some artifacts from it' long past, including Nelson's telescope.

Some of the largest events on the island are held at Nelson's Shipyard, such as Antigua's Sailing Week, & whenever there's a cruise ship tied up to shore, the place is absolutely bustling. If you're planning to stop by & would prefer a calmer setting, make sure to plan around any stops by the massive ships.

Nature trails lead away from the dock & into the woods, so there's  a chance for travelers to see some of the natural wildlife of the island. The paths lead to amazing views of the English Harbour you can enjoy with everyone. Nelson's Shipyard is truly one-of-a-kind, & it certainly warrants a stop on any Antigua trip.

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