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A Starry Vacation in Hawaii

Adult vacations in Hawaii can be an excellent way for everyone to relax while enjoying the sun & beaches of the beautiful islands. All the worries from back home are forgotten amidst the luxuries of all inclusive travel as you dine on fine cuisine & take in the spectacular scenery the islands provide. But when the sun sets, the Big Island of Hawaii offers an opportunity travelers can't experience anywhere else: stargazing. At the top of Mauna Kea mountain, which reaches 13,796 feet, is a gathering of some of the most powerful telescopes in the world, representing 13 different countries, according to Hawaii Info Guide.

Explore the universe on your vacation
On a guided tour, vacationers have the chance to listen to experts talk about the history of the island & why the geography of the Mauna Kea summit is so conducive to stargazing. Because of the high altitude, the air is much clearer compared to many other places on Earth. That, coupled with the lack of light pollution, makes conditions for viewing the sky perfect.

Those who get there early enough will have the chance to see an incredible sunset before the stars come out.

The tour includes transportation up the mountain in an all-terrain vehicle with spacious seating & large windows for your viewing pleasure. You can also enjoy countless picture opportunities with unbroken views of stretching clouds & the night sky, plus receive help from experts on finding stars, constellations & other astronomical sights.

You don't have to worry about being unprepared during the tour because everything you'll need is provided. Keep warm at the cold high elevation in an Arctic style parka & enjoy warm meals & beverages during your downtime. There are pick-up points all along the path, according to Mauna Kea Summit Adventures, & these spots offer couples the possibility for a romantic night under the stars.

What to be ready for
Ascending such a tall mountain is not without its challenges. If you're planning on driving up it yourself, you have to be ready for the paved road to end & turn into one of complete gravel. Whatever vehicle you're driving has to be capable of handling the incline on uneven ground or risk getting stuck. It's also important to take the journey slow to ensure no one gets altitude sickness since at the top of Mauna Kea there is 40 percent less oxygen than at sea level.

As always the case with stargazing, weather is a key factor to the outcome of excursions. Tours only run if the weather allows it.

The next time you're on vacation in Hawaii, check out the 11 observatories that sit atop one of the tallest points in the world, in an environment that does nothing but help amateur & avid stargazers alike see the universe. Look through the same lenses as the scientists that usher in new discoveries to uncover truths of your own. The setting offers travelers the chance for some quiet alone time that may lead to deep conversations that will immortalize the experience as you stare up into the sky.

A trip to the summit will guarantee your trip to Hawaii will be remembered long after you leave. When you're back home & you look up at the stars, you'll think back to your vacation when you truly saw them for the first time.

Experience Some Unique Hawaiian Magic

Family vacations to Hawaii are a great way to bond in front of a beautiful backdrop. With the beaches & volcanoes, the nature around you can provide many attractions to keep you busy during your luxury travel, but sometimes after relaxing in the sand & sun all day tourists need to let loose. One great way to do that in Hawaii is by seeing Kona Kozy's Comedy & Magic Show.

Kona Kozy is recognized around the globe for his performances, which  have earned him the title of International Comedy Magician of the Decade by the International Magicians Society, according to the show's official website. In addition to his other awards for feats like sleight of hand, Kona Kozy puts on hysterical shows for people of any age group.

This comedian & magician will dazzle you with acts involving forbidden tiki magic & voodoo comedy, all while incorporating the four powerful elements of earth, wind, fire & water. Audience members can enjoy the show while dining on a fabulous dinner or sipping on tropical cocktails with the magnificent Hawaiian waves crashing around them.

Kona Kozy has performed all around the world in venues ranging from massive stages & casinos to simple street shows. He has even won "The Merlin" award, which is what people in the magic industry consider to be their Oscar, for his performances, according to Hawaii Activities.

The next time you're in Hawaii on a night when you're ready to laugh, check out Kona Kozy's show for an evening of side-clenching mania. It's the perfect experience to round out your vacation of fun & leisure in a way that will put a smile on the face of everyone in your party. This comedy & magic show will add to the mystery & wonder of your vacation while ensuring that every time someone thinks of this getaway, a smile will immediately cross their face.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

All inclusive travel & family vacations are a great way to make memories in an unforgettable location, but taking some time out of your fun-packed schedule to help out the community you're staying in can transform your vacation into a completely different & fulfilling experience. Beach Bum Cares is a program that allows people to volunteer a bit of their time to make a difference in the lives of the people that aren't vacationing at the destination, but who call it home.

The next time you're in Costa Rica, consider giving some of your time to a noble cause like that of the Kids Saving the Rainforest Wildlife Sanctuary. The staff & volunteers of this institution dedicate themselves to helping injured animals recover so that they can be returned to the wild. Those that cannot be released for whatever reason can rest easy at their wildlife sanctuary, where they will be safe from the dangers that may wait for them in their vulnerable state.

This nonprofit organization not only works to help animals, but avidly plants trees throughout the area, having planted over 6,900 so far, according to its website.

Though all animals are welcome, the group focuses in particular on helping the monkeys of the country, particularly the mono titi monkeys. The organization has created a program designed at reducing the number of monkeys at risk from crossing streets that cut through their habitat, and this initiative is called the Monkey Bridge Program. The rope bridges installed around Costa Rica reach from canopy to canopy and provide a safe route for monkeys to climb on & avoid danger. Since the program was implemented, the population of the mono titi monkeys has increased from 1,200 to 3,700.

Next time you're having fun in the sun on vacation, dedicate some time to have a different kind of enjoyment. Help out the location that has given you so many memories by making a few more for a good cause.

Become an Underwater Explorer

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An adult vacation to Tahiti brings many fun opportunities tourists can enjoy on during their luxury travel. With beautiful tropical waters, there's a whole new world you're able to explore. Most travelers grab their snorkels, goggles & flippers before hitting the waves to try & check out the beautiful aquatic wildlife & coral reefs. The even more daring go all out & rent some diving gear to get an up close & personal look at the ocean floor. However, Bora Bora offers a few unique opportunities to experience this seascape in a new way.

Aquabike Adventure
Visitors have the chance to rent their very own underwater scooter at Aquabike Adventure, allowing them to glide around the seabed like never before. Essentially a miniature submarine, the Aquabike lets tourists explore the waters on their own or with a partner, according to Submerged to a depth of around 10 feet, vacationers don't need to worry about breathing or goggles fogging up as your heads alone are enclosed in an air bubble & protected by class offering a one-of-a-kind view for you & your scooter buddy.

The experience will seem almost futuristic as you move below the depths on this personal submarine while an experienced diver swims around you on a one-mile-long underwater trail. You don't even have to be familiar with diving to learn its easy-to-use controls either.

Aqua Safari
If riding around on your own submersible scooter wasn't enough, Bora Bora offers safari trips as well. Not the kind where you ride around in the back of a Jeep all day either, but an underwater safari. You can't really experience a place from within a vehicle & with Aqua Safari, you don't have to. Aqua Safari allows visitors to put on a diver's helmet & a pair of lead shoes before sinking to depths of 12 feet. There, you gain the free will to explore the underwater lagoons at your leisure. Whatever crack or corner you find beautiful & want to look more closely at, you need simply walk over to do it.

For two hours you & a group of friends or family can walk amongst the tropical fish, according to Tahiti & Vacation. You don't even have to know how to swim for this activity as your head remains completely dry in the glass helmet that lets you look in whatever direction you want.

Next time you're in Bora Bora, explore the water in a way you can't anywhere else.

Behold the Wildlife of Costa Rica

There aren't many other tropical destinations that offer as wide a variety of wildlife to see as Costa Rica. There are countless wildlife reserves, sanctuaries & national parks in the country that offer tourists an amazing chance to get up close & personal with some of the world's most exotic plants, animals & insects. Even if you could dedicate just one day to exploring the biodiversity of Costa Rica during family vacations or luxury travel adventures, you won't regret it. The nation is filled with individuals who have dedicated their lives to the safety & protection of these beautiful creatures.

  • Africa Mia: If you're looking to get yet another continental experience on your vacation to Costa Rica, the Africa Mia reserve allows visitors the chance to embark on the closest thing to a safari adventure in the entire Caribbean with over 11 species native to the transatlantic continent, according to More than 150 animals dot the three sections of the reserve where visitors can ride in an open-air vehicle to witness these creatures adapting to the Costa Rican environment & even feed a few at the petting zoo. Though there are no aggressive or territorial animals, tourists can see zebras, antelope, giraffes & ostriches milling about the landscape. Some native Costa Rican species also reside at the reserve which truly makes the natural diversity one-of-a-kind.
  • The Bat Jungle: Instead of waiting outside to try & glimpse the country's native bats gliding through the dark sky, vacationers can travel to the Bat Jungle to see these animals hanging from the ceiling. With 95 bats of eight different species swooping down from their upside-down perches to snag pieces of fruit fed to them, these animals have adapted to an entirely different schedule than their wild compatriots, according to the atrium's website. Eating during the day & sleeping at night allow visitors to see these elusive bats as special equipment manipulates their generally inaudible noises so that the human ear can hear them.
  • Butterfly Farm: Mesh nets cover this entire facility, which houses more than 50 species of butterflies & caterpillars along with plants & flowers that are just as colorful as the insects around them. Visitors to the farm walk along a pathway decorated by murals painted by local artists depicting these beautiful creatures. The facility is dedicated to the process of maturing these insects & spreading knowledge of their importance throughout various cultures & mythologies. Experts help tourists learn to spot hidden eggs on plants & can learn the different vegetation the bugs use for food & habitat.
  • Arenal EcoZoo: This serpentarium holds over 70 different species of snakes, crocodiles, lizards & turtles, showcasing the vast diversity of the region's reptile & amphibian populations. The park was founded with the main purpose of educating people on these animals & stressing just how fragile their ecosystem is. Though the array of creatures at the Arenal EcoZoo is vast, it only represents less than half of the total species on Costa Rica. Night tours allow tourists to see some of the more rare & exotic nocturnal species, but the regular tours focus on the biology & nature of the cold-blooded animals as well as their important role in the wild.

The next time you're at Costa Rica & you want to see some of its natural beauty, visit one of the many safe havens for the animals that call the country home. You'll be impressed by their beauty & left wondering which is more remarkable, the appearance of the wildlife or that of the landscape around you.

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