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Relax on the Shores of Jamaica

Sometimes during luxury travel & family vacations, all you want to do is relax. There are no set rules for what you have to do on vacation, especially when you're in a tropical paradise like Jamaica. Your trip is about doing whatever you want to make you happy & keep your mind of the stresses of everyday life. It doesn't matter if you vent your worries through daring activities or leisure on the sandy shores, there are loads of opportunities no matter where on the island you stay.

Anyone looking for some adventure can experience the beauty of Jamaica's raw landscape in a number of ways. Perhaps one of the best is to see the lush green rainforest of the countryside by speeding across a zip line hanging hundreds of feet above the green canopy below. According to Rainforest Adventures, one of the most popular tourist destinations is at the famous Mystic Mountain where visitors can experience what it's like to be a bobsledder. The only difference is you'll be almost riding a rollercoaster as the sled takes you speeding down a wired track in a ride so exhilarating, you might miss all the scenery.

Anyone looking to simply hit the sands can do so amongst the dunes of white grains at Hellshire Beach or swim in the safe, warm waters overlooking the outstretching sea. If you want to gain a bit of knowledge during your trip, learn about the country's reggae history at the Bob Marley Museum. Another unique chance is at some of the clear lagoons, where travelers can swim with bottlenose dolphins & even have them pull you through the waters – if you're lucky.

Everyone is a different kind of vacationer. There aren't many places that can cater to all, but Jamaica offers a wide variety of attractions that'll please everyone.

Know the History of Where You Go

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No matter where you go on your family vacations or luxury travel adventures, your destination had a history before you got there. Every traveler visits the popular local eateries & beaches of their tropical locations, but sometimes it's a nice change of pace to take some time out of your leisure to reflect on the past so you can appreciate the future. In between your snorkeling & jet skiing, take a calming walk to some of the older attractions your vacation spot has to offer. Sometimes they will bring you up close & personal with the beautiful nature of your locale – or maybe face-to-face with the real character behind it.

Even spectacular islands destinations like Bora Bora have its past that travelers can enjoy on their stay. World War II defense cannons brought by the U.S. to defend the island from the Japanese, according to the Tahiti Sun Travel, are positioned all around the ocean shores. They have rusted with age, but that doesn't lessen any of the meaning behind what they stand for. Historical sites can provide motivation to travel off the beaten path & create your own unique getaway. Things change with time, so if there is one thing you should always do on your cruises or vacations, it's to cherish it.

The local history & culture are some of the defining characteristics that separate one resort from the other. Knowing about the history of your getaway gives you countless opportunities to notice & pick out aspects of the background, setting & even local citizens demeanor that have contributed to give you the joyful place you encounter during your whole trip. Knowing such things give you a deeper understanding & appreciation for the time you have to spend there & will make the memories of it all the more vivid.

A Wild Adventure in Costa Rica

Adult vacations can tend to go one of two ways. They can either steer towards the more romantic, with candle-lit dinners & beachside snuggling, or they can dive off a cliff of adventure & thrills. People like to do different things when traveling to exotic destinations depending on their personalities & what their location has to offer. There are some things that are tough to experience when you're dedicated to luxury travel, like the raw beauty & diversity of Costa Rica, but it's not an impossible task. 

According to Rough Guides, Costa Rica has more species of plants, butterflies & birds on its small island than the entire European continent. Extensive national parks of tropical rainforests meet the beautiful Caribbean coasts, where visitors can walk for hours doing nothing but admiring the nature around them. The island nation is home to one of the most active volcanoes in the entire western hemisphere, Volcan Arenal, & tourists have the chance to witness some of the steady lava pouring from its peak as it contrasts starkly against the dark minerals of its slopes.

Visitors during the right time of year might be fortunate enough to see some of the many types of sea turtles crawling to shore to lay their eggs. The even more favored might be around at just the right moment to see the babies hatch from their eggs & slowly make their way back out to sea.

The extent of activities the adventurous can embark on is seemingly endless with everything from surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching, horseback riding & whitewater rafting just being the beginning of it. The mixture of geography will make you think you're exploring a vast country with all the different features & animals you'll see.

Many island vacations spots have beaches with luxurious hotels, but not every place has the range of things to do like Costa Rica.

Try Native Hawaiian Pizza During a Getaway

March 25th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in Family Vacations, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

If you're traveling on a family vacation in Hawaii soon, the thought may have crossed your mind to try some of the island's native Hawaiian pizza. Unfortunately you won't find its birthplace here because it wasn't created on the island chain. The origins are surrounded in debate, but according to the Village Voice, the pizza flavor was originally invented in Canada. That hasn't stopped the topping from spreading as far away as Australia, where the selection is one of the country's most popular choices, according to PMQ Pizza Magazine. Though the pizza wasn't born in Hawaii, your vacation is still an opportunity to see how the locals interpret the pizza named after them no matter what resort or hotel you stay at.

Hanalei Pizza
It doesn't matter if you're on a luxury travel trip, you can take a breather from dining on the exotic cuisine of the area for a pizza break. ABC News reported of a small pizza shop hidden away in a shopping center on the island of Kaua`i called Hanalei Pizza. They incorporate traditional Hawaiian ingredients in the crust of their pan pies to give it their own take on the island's namesake. The main component they add is often thought of as a must on any authentic Hawaiian menu or dish: coconut water.

Along with coconut water, the shop mixes in a large variety of seeds & flour to give their crust a different texture not seen anywhere else. With no unpleasant tastes attributed to it, the blend of the thin, chewy crust & sauce with toppings offers a twist on normal versions of Hawaiian pizza. Though it's not the original incarnation, it is a unique move that provides the dish with some local character.

The pizza shop uses more regional ingredients in their other menu options ranging from kalua pork to sweet Maui onions & Maui Hamakua oyster mushrooms to Kalamata olives, in what is essentially their own variant of Hawaiian pizzas not sold anywhere else.

Experience the local flavor
Travelers are often encouraged to sample local delicacies. Don't be disappointed & consider the pizza a fake knock-off. Instead, appreciate what the community did to transform it into a real Hawaiian pizza.

Despite the flavor not originating from the islands, it took its name from them because of the pineapple topping commonly found there. Next time your in Hawaii, try out some of the local pizzerias' attempts to cook the meal. It'll be the most authentic Hawaiian pizza you've ever eaten, even if they didn't come up with the idea.

Swim with the Aquatic Life of Bora Bora

March 24th, 2014 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

People from all over the world come to see the treasure that is Bora Bora. Much of the island's allure comes from what visitors can do in the blue-green waters surrounding the coasts & its lagoons below. Tourism is the main economical factor, along with other industries revolving around the sea because of the lack of land on the island. Much of what the hotels & resorts offer in Bora Bora center on the beauty of the marine ecosystem & the wildlife that inhabits it. Adult vacations in Tahiti offer the chance to experience the life under the sea in a way nowhere else can offer.

Bora Bora: Beneath the surface
Resorts like the Four Seasons in Bora Bora utilize the destination's location in what it offers tourists to the area. The hotel features bungalows raised above the waters & its very own lagoon sanctuary. There, you can take part in snorkeling excursions & feeding sessions for fish & octopus under the guidance of biologists teamed with the Pacific Eco-World Initiative in conserving these environments, according to the Four Seasons' official site.

Tahiti Tourism says some hotels even offer services that bring you breakfast right up to your bungalow by paddling canoe in the morning.

One of Bora Bora's main underwater attractions is the Lagoonarium, an authentic portion of the island's reef & lagoon where visitors can take tours guided by official wildlife experts for an opportunity to learn about the ecosystem & its residents firsthand.

During this luxury travel experience, you can feed schools of sharks & rays, sail, dive, Jet Ski & anything else you can think of to become in tune with your inner nautical explorer. You'll wish you had gills & fins before the end, but can settle for oxygen tanks & flippers. Speed away in a motorboat to private islands reserved entirely for you by your hotel where you can sprawl out in a picture-perfect image of paradise, knowing that exotic sea creatures swim around you & thinking of how your face could be the only one the fresh breeze has touched for miles around you as you sit in the middle of the Pacific.

A new kind of vacation
When people travel on far away vacations to island resorts, they often only focus on the world sticking out from the oceans. They forget about the whole other side to where they are & all it has to provide in terms of beauty & escape. Slip underneath the waves on your next trip to a tropical paradise & witness the true extent of its reach.

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