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Are You a Foodie? Book a Beach Bum Vacation to These Caribbean Islands

April 5th, 2013 | By admin | Posted in Family Vacations, Honeymoons, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

Calling all foodies: Do you want a tropical vacation that tastes as good as it looks? Honeymoons and family vacations in the Caribbean are attractive for thousands of travelers, mainly because of the spectacular mountain landscapes, verdant rainforests & crystal clear turquoise waters.

However, luxury vacations to these sunny destinations are also ideal if you love spicy, fruity & fresh cuisine, rich with local seafood, tropical produce & one of the most diverse ranges of spices in the world. One of the reasons Caribbean cuisine is so coveted is that it's so diverse. After all, it includes influences from the British, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, African & Native cultures that have inhabited these islands at one time or another. The Latin American cultures on many of the islands add even more unique flair. 

But don't for a second think all Caribbean cooking is the same – each island has its own individual flavor, whether you're looking for French flair or an eclectic mix. Here are the top three places for foodies to get an authentic taste of the Caribbean:

This Caribbean locale is known as the "Island of Spice" for a reason. Let's not forget – world powers have fought for control over Grenada's incredible spices for centuries. Today, it still produces cloves, nutmeg, ginger & cinnamon for export & use by local chefs. These spices come to life in dishes like curried mutton, ginger pork & nutmeg ice cream.

Jerk seasoning has gained popularity & can be found in restaurants across the world, but there's nowhere better to taste this tangy, spicy flavoring than in its place of origin – Jamaica. Jerk refers to any type of meat – originally chicken & pork, but now fish, mutton & beef are also common dishes – marinated in a piquant sauce & then slow-cooked over a pimento wood fire. The flavor is at once smoky, sweet & tangy, & you'll find the best fishes at roadside stalls across the island.

Puerto Rico
Although Latin American styles factor largely into the overall cuisine in Puerto Rico, it's not the only flavor you'll taste when you book adult vacations or honeymoons to this island. Spanish, American & native influences can be found throughout the dishes, which are characterized by pork & peppers. Here, you can feast on dishes like roast pig on a spit & shrimp with a chorizo emulsion. Whether you dine at 5 star Caribbean resorts or pick up a snack at a roadside stand, this island is sure to impress. 

Tropical Bridesmaid Styles Perfect for Destination Weddings

April 4th, 2013 | By admin | Posted in Beach Weddings, Destination Weddings, Island Weddings | Leave a comment

If your friends have agreed to serve as your bridesmaids during your destination wedding in the Caribbean, they are probably psyched to spend time in a tropical paradise with you, your fiance & the rest of your family members & friends. As honored as your friends will be, they may be less than thrilled if you choose a bridesmaid dress for them that they hate. Between the hot sun, high humidity & variety of activities they may be involved in while wearing the gown, choosing just the right one takes careful consideration/

Here are some fashionable & practical tips to ensure you & your bridesmaids look stunning (& stay comfortable) during your tropical nuptials:

Consider color & cut
If you're planning destination weddings on a tropical island, of course you will want the color scheme of your wedding to match the scenery. Bridesmaid dresses are a great chance to infuse color into your ceremony, so consider the island's palette to choose a great color for these gowns. Maybe a leafy green will go well with the verdant rainforests that will act as a backdrop to your photos, or maybe you want to pull out the bright coral pink of the plumeria flowers on the bushes. Soft turquoise is another great hue that looks stunning in photos next to the Caribbean Sea. 

The cut also matters. Beach weddings tend to be more casual than something you plan in a chapel or cathedral, so you might opt for short, cocktail-style dresses rather than something floor-length. This will also keep your bridesmaids cool in the warm weather – especially when the dancing starts later on!

Pick the best material
Just as you don't want to be weighed down with materials like satin or sweating through silk, your bridesmaids won't want to wear these fabrics, either. Instead, opt for breezy chiffon or rayon, or even choose a cotton or linen blend for a casual look. This will be the most comfortable during the ceremony & reception. 

Get Up & Go in Grenada

April 3rd, 2013 | By admin | Posted in All Inclusive Travel, Honeymoons, Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

When you book a Beach Bum Vacation at the Sandals LaSource in Grenada, it might be hard to find a reason to leave your all inclusive lodging. After all, this luxury hotel in the Caribbean boasts stunning suites, bungalows & private cottages & offers an array of dining & entertainment opportunities options, all along the gorgeous Pink Gin Beach. 

However, if you are looking to get active during your honeymoon in the Caribbean, you might want to set out & explore some of the island's walking trails. Whether you're looking to take a leisurely stroll or want a more strenuous hike, the "Spice Island" has plenty of trails that show you the best of this Caribbean gem. Here are a few you should definitely try out:

Strolling through the coastal scenery
At Levera National Park, hikers & leisurely walkers alike have the opportunity to explore all that nature has to offer within these 450 acres. Take the path that encircles the lagoon to spot a variety of winged inhabitants – the mangrove provides an ideal habitat for a number of tropical bird & waterfowl, including herons, black-necked stilts & common snipes. 

A leisurely lake-side walk
Want to get out into nature but not looking to embark on a strenuous hike? The Lake Circle Trail, which winds around Grand Etang Lake, takes just 30 minutes to complete. Although your resort offers remarkable views of the azure Caribbean waters, this trail gives you several great glimpses of the Grand Etang Lake, which fills a crater of one of the island's extinct volcanoes. Located within the Grand Etang National Park, this trail gives walkers the opportunity to see tropical birds, various species of orchids & hibiscus flowers that are native to this lush rainforest. 

Trekking through the rainforest
For some hikers, the views aren't enough – they want some activities along the way, too! If this is you, head out on the Concord Falls trail, which has a number of swimming opportunities in gorges & brooks that run through the rainforest. This hike is not for the weary, though. You'll start at the Mt. Qua Qua Trail, which leads up one of the highest mountains in Grenada – more than 2,000 feet – all within the Grand Etang National Park. The Concord Falls trail intersects the Mt. Qua Qua Trail after about 60 minutes, & leads hikers past sparkling brooks & spectacular falls, where there are a few places to take a refreshing dip. To reach the third and final fall, it's another two-hour hike. Make sure you map out enough time & bring plenty of food & water for this trek!

If you're looking to enjoy all the beauty of Grenada, book your luxury travel with us today. The Sandals resort opens in December, but we are booking now!

Cool Off in Barbados’ Dazzling Caves

April 2nd, 2013 | By admin | Posted in Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

When you take a Beach Bum Vacation to Barbados, you will soon realize that there is no shortage of ways to have fun in the sun. But if you want to take a break from the Caribbean heat & retreat to the shade, there's perhaps no better place to do so than Harrison's Cave.

The cave is located in the central uplands of the island, a region known for its colorful heritage, strong sense of community & stunning architecture. For years, travelers have flocked to the underground attraction to explore its unmatched beauty & indulge in the chance to explore the world beneath the Earth's surface.

While this massive cave system is at least 1.4 miles long, visitors who are not in the mood for an extensive underground workout shouldn't panic – Travelers are taken through the attraction on a tram, as a knowledgeable tour guide teaches them about the history of one of Barbados's most fascinating natural treasures. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to kick your feet up, cool off & take in a unique island landmark.

But of course, some of the things you'll find in the cave demand a closer look, like the stalagmites, which are constantly – but very slowly – growing upward from the cavern floors. For this reason, visitors are allowed to get out of the tram at designated times so they can get up close & personal with Harrison's Cave's many wonders.

While there is so much to see & explore inside the cave, most travelers say the most spectacular sight is the cascading waterfall that flows from the cave's lowest level point. The waterfall pours into a pristine pool below, creating a truly unique & breathtaking scene. Make sure you have your camera ready – Trust us when we say you won't want to miss this photo op! 

Explore Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty on a Beach Bum Vacation to Guanacaste

April 1st, 2013 | By admin | Posted in Luxury Vacation Travel | Leave a comment

When you decide to take a Beach Bum Vacation to Costa Rica's colorful province of Guanacaste, the only thing going through your mind will be deciding what to do while you're there. With its vast stretches of untamed rainforests, sunny tropical beaches & rich Central American culture, it's no surprise that so many travelers choose to head to Guanacaste on their Beach Bum Vacations!

For travelers hoping to make the most of their time in this gorgeous region of Costa Rica, here are some of the can't-miss spots in Guanacaste:

Catch a wave in Tamarindo
If you're craving a wild ride on a Pacific wave, you should not pass up a trip to Tamarindo, a fishing village that is hailed as one of the best places to  learn how to surf in Costa Rica. The area features several small surf schools, as well as a handful of shops where you can easily rent a board & head out to the open waters.

While Tamarindo caters to beginners, advanced surfers are never far from a challenge in Guanacaste. Just south of Tamarindo are Playa Avellanas & Playa Negra, both of which are ideal spots to escape the crowds & ride a killer wave.

Explore the wilderness in Monteverde
The natural beauty of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve has earned the region a reputation as one of the most popular destinations for travelers to Costa Rica, & a can't-miss spot if you visit Guanacaste. From the quiet village of Santa Elena, you can explore the allure of Costa Rica's lush rainforests, whether you choose to go on a zipline adventure, cascade down waterfalls, take a tour of the cloud forest or go horseback riding.

Heat things up in Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal
If you really want to turn up the heat on your Beach Bum Vacation to Costa Rica, make sure you visit Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal, home to the country's most famous volcano, Arenal. Between 1968 & 2010, Arenal was a hot attraction because it regularly spewed lava, creating radiant night views for travelers.

Arenal may have stopped erupting, but that doesn't mean the area isn't still sizzling. The national park offers gorgeous hiking trails & stunning views of the volcano that are sure to blow your mind. But if you want to make your vacation just a little steamier, there are hot springs a short drive away, just waiting for you & your loved ones to slip into.

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