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Wordless Wednesday

October 24th, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation | Leave a comment

2013 Beach Bum Vacation Calendar Challenge – Pacific Sunrise, Kauai by Greg Moore

Beach Bum Round Up: Motivation for a Vacation

October 13th, 2012 | By rachel | Posted in Adventures, Beach Bum Vacation, Beach Bums | 1 Comment

 By: Beach Bum Rachel

We all have our reasons for needing to get away and most often, it’s not just one factor that has us counting down the days until we’re exploring a different corner of the world.  Just for fun, we asked the Beach Bum team ‘why do you go on vacation?’  It’s clear to see that finding your own personal paradise is one of the best ‘cure all’ solutions for many of life’s stresses.  So here it is…our vacation motivation.


Beach Bum Kristin thinks “…it’s exciting to go on new adventures, try new foods I’ve never tasted before, see things I’ve never seen before, and learn about things I never even knew existed!”  And, a lot of times the exclusivity of it all makes the excitement go way up.  Beach Bum Justin said, “I like exploring and having that feeling I have experienced something new, and I had the chance to see something few people get the opportunity to see.”  And excitement builds upon itself.  Justin went on to say,  “When I am on vacation, I am more spontaneous, I don’t live for the future or the past…just in the moment.”

Beach Bum’s Becky, Joanne, Lisa & Rachel agree that their desire to have exciting experiences fuels their travel!


When it comes to vacation, it is always quality over quantity.  When it comes to a Beach Bum Vacation , you’ll get both!  Beach Bum Amy says, “I go on vacation to create memories! It is wonderful to think back about a sunset catamaran cruise, a romantic candlelight dinner on the beach or a massage we shared together over the ocean with a nice gentle breeze.”  Nanda also loves “to spend quality time with family, enjoy good food, wine and company, to reload and to give my mind and body a new energy boost!!”

Karoline couldn’t agree more!


Being in a new setting can bring out the best in you and refresh your outlook.  Beach Bum Jaimi put it like this, “I go on vacation to take the time to stop and take in the beauty of the world.   It’s funny but after being on vacation for a few days I start noticing things that I normally don’t pay much attention to… It really puts everything back in prospective for me.”

Beach Bum Hayley travels “to rejeuvenate my mind, soul and body. I need to be inspired, going on a Beach Bum Vacation always does just that!”


Sometimes stepping off the plane and onto a resort that perfectly matches you seems unreal.  You get that ‘I can’t believe I’m actually here’ feeling and you start unwinding.  Like Beach Bum Marcie says, “I go on vacation to relax, cut loose and escape reality.”  It’s really easy to turn your mind off on vacation because it’s so different.  Beach Bum Robert also takes off to “unwind, relax and disconnect from the everyday stresses in life.”

Nanda & Danialle also place relaxation as a priority in their travels.


Depending on where you call home, the wintertime blues can really set in.  Beach Bum Robert says, “I go on vacation to enjoy the sand, surf and sun…Love that vitamin D!  Sarah adds that “the sand, water and sun rejuvenate my soul.”  Danialle loves feeling “the sun on my skin and sand between my toes.”

Marcie agrees!


Beach Bum Christine says, “I go on vacation to experience new cultures, their history and their local cuisine.  In St Vincent I’ve picked spices off the plants and drank the juice from a freshly cut coconut;  I’ve tasted hearty callalloo soup in Jamaica and learned how rum is made. I’ve visited forts where battles for the Caribbean islands were won and lost.  Where else but the Bahamas can you join in with the colorful Junkanoo festivities?  I love to run on the beach with the sunrise, sail the sea under a setting sun and be pampered at the spa.  To come home refreshed, renewed and grateful.”  As we’ve noticed, rejuvenating is not synonymous being idle.  Going out and exploring an area’s culture can do wonders.

 Lisa, Joanne, Danialle & Kristin also highly ranked experiencing new cultures as one of their reasons to travel.


The daily grind can leave you feeling a little like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.”  Getting away can break the cycle.  Beach Bum Carey thinks, “I go on vacation to escape the piles of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, bill paying and everyday stresses of life! I love escaping to an all inclusive paradise where I don’t have to lift a finger or worry about taking out my wallet. I can just float on over to the swim up bar, relax with a cocktail and enjoy the good life…”  And Beach Bum Rachel says, “Visiting a destination I’ve never traveled to before, swimming in underground caves, climbing an ancient temple and exploring a new city is such a change from my normal routine that it really re-energizes and inspires me.”

Beach Bums Kathy & Sarah can also relate.

So, what is it that motivates you?  Do you need to be inspired, to relax, have an exciting experience or set aside some quality time with family?  Tell us your reason for needing to getaway and we’ll treat one lucky commenter to a Cheeseburger in Paradise gift card!!

Wedding Talk: Stay Focused

October 3rd, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation, Destination Weddings | 1 Comment

By: Beach Bum Marcie

We often think the number one thing that tends to warp our Destination Wedding Couples’ minds is choosing a property and narrowing down all the 1,000,000+ options available to them.  From islands to resorts, along with wedding requirements of other countries, hurricane season, un-traveled guests and a number of other factors, it can really boggle the mind finding perfection among the choices.  We would like to just say that this is where your Beach Bum Destination Wedding Specialist will come in, but many brides find themselves consumed with reading reviews, comparing properties based on TripAdvisor, studying pictures off the internet and not always trusting their gut (or our professional guidance!).  That being said, it’s extremely important to stay focused on what your top three MUST HAVES are for your wedding in the sun.  This is something that might be difficult when there are so many things to think about, but we have found that if the top three requirements are met, the rest really is “downhill from there.”

Staying focused on those items is the hard part, because doing too much research will make you think that you aren’t worrying about the RIGHT things.  That is not true. What is important to one bride and groom may not be the SAME things that are important to you and your fiancé.  Every couples’ needs are different and it’s important to know that when there are bad reviews online, typically it is because they chose the resort for all the wrong reasons and didn’t stay focused on what is really important to them.  Compromise is important but we encourage our couples to not choose based on anything other than their own personal wants/needs and not anyone else’s (including an aunt that certainly won’t be there, your best friend’s boyfriend or your 2nd cousin, Joey).  Being qualified and matching up to a property is our number one goal and the only way we can ensure that your destination wedding is truly customized to fit your vision and unique style.  If it’s not right for the couple, it is NOT going to be a happy ending!

So…if having a barefoot beach wedding (on a long wide white sand beach) with 20 guests (only your parents and best friends) under $10,000 (for the private event and your room and airfare) is the most important three items to you, then narrowing down your options is already taking place!  Focusing on that will allow us as your Destination Wedding Specialist to really get a much better feel for the wedding you envision.  In other words, we will not recommend a cliffside resort with no all-inclusive plan for over $15,000 just for the reception, no matter how beautiful and incredible it might sound to someone on a chat board!  A property with zero beach would make your vision null and void and we are not looking to blow your budget!

It is an adventure in planning a destination wedding and should be fun and as stress-free as possible.   Keeping your dream wedding in CLEAR FOCUS and not allowing the pictures online, the special “sale” or The Knot to make your decision for you is the best way to ensure that you are thrilled on your wedding day.  Other people’s opinions (even people who have NEVER been anywhere) sometimes can bog down your dreams, and it is just SILLY!  You know what you want…and if you don’t, come talk to us, and we can help you figure it out! There is a perfect resort out there for everyone!  Our simple, painless, easy and free consultation will allow us to recommend and match you up, focusing on your special tastes to choose the right destination and resort.

As our President and CEO Hayley Whorrall says, “It is our job to facilitate your destination wedding with complete ease, no stress and lots of fun! We will match you up with the resort that caters to your needs, offers the best value for money, service, rooms, food and wedding coordinators. Our experience facilitating destination weddings puts us in the know, so we can recommend what works and what does not, which resorts are the best and which ones to steer clear of.”

Check out our story:

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