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Enhance Your Beach Bum Vacation

August 28th, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation, Giving Back | Leave a comment

By: Beach Bum Hayley

The initial travel planning vision typically consists of your choice/dream destination, flights, a resort or hotel, the room, airport shuttle services & taxes. “What else is there to think about? We’re done, right? I mean I’ve just gotta lose weight, shop for new clothes and pack!” So this is yet another reason why consulting a travel professional will rescue you & your precious time away! You truly have no idea how much more there is to consider in order to get the most out of your travel experience until you speak to someone who has been there, done that, on a multitude of occasions. Someone like your friendly, FREE, Beach Bum Travel Concierge!

Let’s start with the flight; you always want to check to see how much additional first or business class is. Traveling in comfort and luxury with more legroom, receiving attentive, personalized service, complimentary beverages/food, first on and off the aircraft, often times complimentary newspapers, headphones, blankets & pillows, and a movie is undoubtedly a bonus. Not to mention, you feel important! If its above your price range don’t forget to ask the ticket counter agent at time of check in; many times the airlines will release seats at the ticket counter for much less than the cost of pre-paying to actually reserve first or business class seats.

Airport shuttle services; did you know you can upgrade to a nonstop transfer shuttle, or even better; a private, nonstop shuttle directly to your resort from the airport? The typical airport transportation service that’s included with your package will more than likely be shared by many other travelers and will make several stops before reaching your resort or hotel. You will find this annoying, and it will delay the start of your vacation which can be very frustrating. Ask your travel professional the cost to upgrade to a private, nonstop transfer, roundtrip. It doesn’t cost that much more. It’s worth every penny, and will save you time & aggravation.

Regardless of what anyone says the view from your room is important. “We won’t be in the room anyway” is a good way to try and justify not spending the extra little bit of money to upgrade to a nice view. We go on vacation to see beautiful scenery; turquoise waters, burnt orange & red fiery skies, powder white beaches… Don’t sell yourself short & be stuck in the back of the resort with no view, or worse; an unsightly view of a la parking lot! It truly can make or break your once a year getaway or honeymoon. No one wants a noisy, beat up, run down, smelling room with a terrible view. Do not cheap out on the room, your accommodations are more of an integral part of your travel experience than you may initially realize.

Now that you’ve got yourself set up with the very best flights, room and airport shuttle services let’s take this getaway from good to great, from nice to the ultimate! It wouldn’t be an ultimate getaway if you didn’t have some amazing moments in time to share with your friends & family, moments that have taken your breath away, moments that have created everlasting special memories for you to treasure always. Here are some ideas to put the icing on your vacation/honeymoon; book a couple of tours/excursions during your stay such as zip lining, swim with the dolphins, feed a stingray, bicycle through a waterfall, climb a waterfall, horseback ride on the beach, take a helicopter tour, visit a local school or orphanage (Beach Bum CARES will facilitate this for you)… just to name a few. Don’t forget to treat yourself to the spa; you’re supposed to pamper yourself while you’re away! Do NOT feel guilty! Relax and Enjoy!

You work hard, you deserve it so talk to a Beach Bum Vacation Travel Concierge today to find out how you can plan the most amazing, enhanced getaway today!

Wedding Talk: You and Your Guests

August 4th, 2012 | By sarah | Posted in Beach Bum Vacation, Destination Weddings | Leave a comment

By: Beach Bum Marcie

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Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, and when you choose to walk down the sandy aisle sight-unseen in the Caribbean or Mexico, the relationship you have with your travel agent should be a good, strong, trusted one.  It should not be handled by someone who has little or no experience in working with resorts and groups of guests.  It should not be managed by the internet and the “deals” you might find there.  There is an art to planning and pulling off the perfect DW!  After all, how can anyone help you if they are going blindly into the planning themselves!  And, how can an online tour company (like Expedia or Orbitz) give you the personal touch each wedding truly needs? It is our belief that inexperienced agents and online booking companies could never provide you or your guests with the special knowledge that it takes to be a dream-maker!

Your destination wedding planning experience with Beach Bum Vacation starts with a detailed consultation through email, telephone, Skype or face-to-face meeting to get to know who the two of you are as a couple and how we can make your dream wedding become a reality!  We get to know you, your personality, finding out about your guests’ needs and then we match you up with the exact destination and resort that meets those needs.  We don’t shop thoughtlessly, as we consider your options, but we take what we have been told and make strong confident recommendations to help you make the best decision for you and your group.  The Beach Bums build relationships with resorts, wedding coordinators and managers to ensure that you and your guests have the ultimate luxury experience you deserve and memories to last a lifetime!

But none of that matters if we don’t build our relationship with you and your family/friends.  From start to finish, we will take great care of your group, making sure everyone’s needs are met from their personal celebrations  and food allergies to rooming requirements and occupancy constraints.  We offer low deposit plans and payment options to ensure that they also have the stress-free vacation that they deserve!  We negotiate based on your groups’ needs to get more benefits, upgrades and special VIP treatment that everyone who is traveling with you should receive.  We will offer recommendations and assistance in every area of their travel, alongside our expert wedding coordination for the two of you!  We respect and value this special time in all of your lives and want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, happy and excited for your big day!

Our process is simple, easy and personal.  We simply chat with every guest who is attending via email or phone to determine their needs, so they may attend your event.  We easily manage their expectations, figuring out the best travel dates, airline options, transfers to and from the airport, and room category to fit their budget as well as their special requests.  We personally take care of each guest walking them through our booking and payment process, ensuring that they receive everything they need before they travel including travel documents and answering all their questions in a very timely manner.

We never leave you to your own devices or abandon you once you have booked with us!   We are here for you 24/7 to ensure that you are organized and up-to-date on any changes being made to the guest list, passing along information prior to heading to your destination and keeping in touch with your whole group up through and even after they return from the trip.  It’s so important to have all of your guests in one spot and we always encourage our couples to make sure their guests know we are your “go to” resource for all things travel-related for your big day in the sun!  In order for everyone to be in the know, they must all be confirmed through Beach Bum Vacation.  These details are too important to be left to them to plan their own trip through an online tour company or a travel agency with no wedding experience and no knowledge of your special day.  Keeping your guests in one place is the key to success for a more relaxed overall experience.  We can ensure that they are well-taken care of, because we truly care about your trip and theirs.

From all the things everyone needs to know to arranging tours, pre-booking spa treatments, organizing transportation and VIPing your group at the resort, we appreciate everything that goes into this exciting time of your life.  We promise that our expert advice and years of experience will only serve to benefit you as we build those relationships with you and your friends and family. 

YOUR wedding guest is OUR guest.  Trust Beach Bum Vacation with your walk down the sandy aisle! Visit our brand new Facebook page dedicated to brides and grooms – Destination Weddings by Beach Bum Vacation!