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Wedding Talk: Marriage Made in Mexico

By: Beach Bum Marcie

After interviewing hundreds of couples on their quest to find the perfect destination wedding location, we often find ourselves going through our own mental checklist, finding the perfect match to what they envision. So many times, couples feel they have to compromise what they want to accommodate many factors, but we truly work to make sure they get everything they want and more! It’s amazing when ONE location can offer everything many couples are envisioning when they think of their big day.

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When I personally sit down or have a conference call to speak with a couple, I find they all share similar concerns and questions and many of them are just overwhelmed by narrowing down the options.  In our experience, however, we have found it to be simple when asked the “right” questions. It is our goal to offer stress-free destination wedding planningMany brides and grooms are looking for majestic blue water, soft white sand, stunning views, and lush tropical surroundings. As they are telling me their wish list, I’m mentally check-marking one of my favorite countries in my mind as we go – check, check, check and check! They are also hoping for modern, upscale luxurious resorts with high-end all-inclusive amenities (aka – not cheap!). Check-mark!  They come to me and say that they wish to have affordability for guests, tourist-friendly and ease of travel to the destination.  My mental checklist is dinging in excitement, as I’m able to offer 100% of their wishes and dreams!  CHECK!  It’s all about a Marriage Made in Mexico!

Mexico is by far the most popular country with the Beach Bums when it comes to destination weddings. We have assisted many couples-in-love, and have even had the privilege to witness some of them walk barefoot down the sandy aisle to exchange vows. Mexico is an amazing location that offers stunning resorts like El Dorado Royale, LeBlanc, Azul Sensatori, Moon Palace, and The Royal Playa del Carmen (to name just a few). These resorts know how to host a wedding! Offering packages in many price ranges to accommodate many budgets, as well as, awesome group amenities to benefit large-size guest lists!  In addition, from nearly every location in the US, a guest can arrive in Mexico before 3 p.m. and have a short ride to the resort, making it a no-brainer, in my opinion!

Affordability is a key factor when planning a wedding away. Many couples invite hundreds of guests and to ensure they are all able to come; your travel concierge at Beach Bum Vacation can help you find the best overall value for your guests. We provide competitive rates on high-end properties, and in our experience, Mexico is ALWAYS the best bang for your buck! Even the most luxurious resorts in Mexico are less expensive than budget properties somewhere else.  Not to mention, the culture and fascinating history of the country is at your fingertips. For those guests looking for extreme sports and awesome tours/excursions to the people who prefer quiet time with a good book on the beach, and even your overzealous shoppers, there is literally something for everyone in Mexico!

Before you say that Mexico is not unique, think again! Mexico offers some of the most exclusive locations for weddings I have ever seen.  They are also always ahead of the curve when it comes to offering couples something new, different and interesting from rooftop terraces overlooking the Caribbean Sea high above the resort, to performing Mayan ceremonies, where you can surround yourself in the traditions of this fabulous country. Some resorts have the option for a donkey to deliver drinks to guests or offer a horse and carriage ride to the altar. Palace Resorts recently consulted with Colin Cowie to design new and modern wedding packages with gorgeous, vibrant colors and ideas, and at Karisma Resorts, no two weddings are the same because they allow the couple to design and create their wedding vision from scratch alongside their personal wedding consultants making their dreams become reality!

Cookie-cutter weddings are a thing of the past in Mexico, where you can have it all in one short plane ride south of the border! The Beach Bums travel to Mexico 15-20 times a year (among many trips to the Caribbean and beyond), and are always blown away by how our preferred partner resorts in the area continue to step it up to meet our couples’ needs!  If you are interested in having a destination wedding and the perfect spot hasn’t been found, it very well might be right under your nose! Speak with your Beach Bum to find out if Mexico is right for you and your guests; we guide you in how to easily plan a destination wedding. We assure you that there is something out there for everyone and we would love to assist you in finding just the right place! Plan your big day with the best professional destination wedding planners.

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