Beach Bum Vacation

We had a wonderful trip. It was the perfect place to bring a 20 month old. She thought it was her own private resort. The kids’ staff could not have been more loving and caring with her. They opened up the Chil restaurant while we were there and also the brand new kids’ club room on the last day. Alora was allowed in hours before it was opening because she was leaving that day and they took her picture and had it framed as the first child to use the room by the time it opened in the afternoon. Adele used the ladies for babysitting each night, so we had 7 adult dinners.

The construction was never an inconvenience. Thanks again for your patience and handholding. We encountered no banditos and everyone felt very comfortable there the whole week. But, on the way back to the airport there were hundreds of troops and police stationed along the way, with their machine guns, etc. Finally the driver said it was because there was some conference with international dignitaries flying in. It was actually interesting to see.

You did both of these couples’ honeymoons 5 years ago to Jumby Bay. Nice to report they are still going strong.

It really was all my hopes and dreams for a special time with my family. 

Testani & Tongish Families
Azul Beach Resort


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