Beach Bum Vacation
Dear Hayley,

Thank you so so much for coordinating all of our travels & wedding and just doing what you do best. Our wedding was FABULOUS! And Ruth was right there every step of the way. She told me you shared my story & website with her and she was encouraged, as well as inspired. I can see why you both work so well together. You both maintain the consistency of effort, care & efficiency. Not to mention your spirits are full of love.

Everyone at Boscobel was AWESOME & very attentive. All of the customer service friendly people completely made up for the one unfriendly staff member on site. Our family & friends had a blast. I don't know if you heard, but our 9 yr old twin boys arrived a day after we did, and they immediately headed towards the fun area--the water slides. After making it through their first successful plane ride (whew! We were worried about that one. smile) and the long journey from the airport to the resort, they were ready to get wet and have some fun. Well, our son Justin, the youngest twin, went down the green tube slide first, while we all watched from the top. Yes, me & Kevin were participating in the water slide fun. We heard a bang inside the tube, as did other guests sitting by the pool, and all we saw were Lifegaurds jumping in the water after him. Needless to say, upon his arrival day and 2 days before the wedding, Justin had 5-6 sutures in the back of his head. He calls them his "war wounds." He LOVED the attention from family, friends, and all of the guests and staff. As parents, we were so worried. He couldn't participate in any water activites for the remainder of the time, but we compensated and he still had a ball.

The wedding was absolutely breathtaking. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was beautiful. It is our hope that you will see the attached pictures and smile because you were very instrumental in making it all happen. Thanks again!

Kevin & Rianta
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