Beach Bum Vacation

Dear Hayley,

I have been conducting this email in my head for weeks and realized, not only have I never typed it, I have not yet told you what a spectacular time we had at our wedding!!!! We are getting our photo thank you cards hopefully soon and will be sending a more formal thank you in the mail.

First, let me start by saying that Beach Bum was the best thing we did for our wedding. You made the planning process, trip booking and communication with our families and friends so easy. I can't tell you how many people were not only wow-ed at Beach Bum's service, but at how friendly you were and easy to reach (or easy to reach another colleague when you were away). You were so up front with your schedule and it made planning a breeze.

The resort was amazing! I think most of us get a little nervous about the unknown, and then to add "wedding bliss" (or stress) on top of traveling, I am sure you deal with your fair share of -- OMG What if... but Beaches was exquisite - beautiful - romantic (unexpectedly, yes!) - just stunning. We had the best time. I wish we could have stayed longer or transferred to a Sandals, but it only gives us reasons to return.

The service for the wedding was awesome. The wedding planner on site, Simone was so friendly and calming, the facilities were really beautiful. We had a great time finalizing all the details and Simone made it really easy. I only have a few critiques for Beaches, but nothing for Beach Bum, except that you did an awesome job.

I wish I had your career! Travel, weddings, being part of making people's most memorable experiences... how can it get in on it?!?! :-)

Hayley, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! If you are ever in need of a referral or have another bride that wants to know every detail / see photos, anything, I am happy to be of any assistance.

All our best!


Katie & Fred

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