Beach Bum Vacation
Hi Lisa,
The honeymoon was absolutely amazing. I mean, we were speechless. Everything was just so perfect. The hotel in Italy was absolutely gorgeous. Alissa and I were blown away. The only thing that did not go smoothly was that our luggage did not make it to Naples until we were there for about 3 days. Oh well. We did do one excursion in Santorini. We hiked to the top of a volcano then swam in hot sulfur springs. I know, its sounds like I'm making this up but I'm serious. It was awesome. We have some fantastic pictures and we plan on putting them online. I will let you know when and where. Alissa and I want to thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for the best honeymoon ever. Let me know if I can fill out a survey or comment card or if you need anything.

Thanks again,
Justin and Alissa
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