Beach Bum Vacation
Hola Nanda, We had been meaning to get back to you and let you know ... it has just been non stop busy since getting back! anyway, Secrets Maroma was the best resort we have ever been to. VERY happy with our decision. the weather wasn't even all that great but the place was beyond our expectations. you really HAVE to recommend this place BIG time because everyone should be satisfied. i suppose it's not a "party" place and it is more for wanting to go somewhere to relax and be pampered, but their entertainment staff did a great job of offering many fun activities to do during the day and they did a good job with late night fun things to do as well. great entertainment staff. we like this place a lot more than Sandals grande in st. lucia, primarily because it was nicer (much newer) and it was more of a relaxed atmosphere - and they served you at the pool and on beach (Sandals did not). we really liked the peaceful music they had going during the day vs. the loud crazy music at Sandals at times. the Sandals was obviously more for the honeymooners (early to mid 20's/30's crowd) looking to party - which we like to do! Secrets was a good in between tho (you see quite a variety of people here, 20's up to 80's or 90's - mainly 30-50 yr old crowd I would say). we really liked how everything was so new and so nice - that is always a plus vs. going to a resort that is 20-30 years old. the food was really quite good too and they had a great selection of restaurants. the hibachi place was top notch food - so much better than benihana, and we love benihana! drinks were great and you could get top shelf at any time. the beach was beautiful, windy some days but still great. and we WERE upgraded to a swim out for FREE! thanks for putting in the good word. she asked me if i would like to upgrade and i told her if it was for free and a really good room! - it WAS. first floor swim out on corner with great access to everything. i think it was building 22. our concierge, forget her name, very sweet and provided a lot of help and good service. 24 hr room service was AWWWESOME. fairly quick. spa and massages were excellent. they have chefs start going around about noon to pass appetizer, desserts, popsicles, etc. good stuff! i am pretty picky (not extremely) but i really like to get what i pay for and will complain if i don't. i think we definitely got our money's worth for sure, and then some perhaps. we want to go back with some friends and get a little better weather next time. we have many other destinations we want to go to but will be back to Secrets Maroma someday hopefully soon. please pass the good word on to everyone. (OH, tell people not to use ATM there as it was like a $20 fee to withdrawal $100 - ridiculous!!! they don't tell you that, you find out on your bank detail when you get back; oh yeah and some of the workers really spoke no English at all and we don't speak much Spanish so it was hard to ask most of the workers for anything like directions - that was annoying, but oh well). Thank you again.
Jon Treadway
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