Beach Bum Vacation
Good morning, Lisa! (Grab your coffee...this is a long one!)

We *LOVED* it! We had the time of our lives! Negril was better than we could ever have imagined it would be! Sandals Negril was sooooo awesome and absolutely perfect for us! The staff there was beyond any service and friendliness that I could've ever asked for! Delroy (their "bellboy") even called our room when we went to Ochi just to make sure we were doing well (we loved him...what an awesome guy!). We didn't have a chance to talk to him when he called though. For some reason our phone in Ochi would ring once, and then go straight to voicemail...I couldn't figure out how to make it quit doing that.

We also met a wonderful young man who worked evenings at the Bayside in Negril (Orlando) and every night he was soooo wonderful to us and our guests. We ran into him at Ricks Cafe the night before our wedding and he and Shane jumped from the tall cliff (I asked Orlando to help coax Shane into jumping because Shane was having second-thoughts about it...I knew he'd regret it if he didn't jump). So we both jumped from the cliff (me the little cliff)...we say that "we took the leap before we took THE LEAP!" HA!

The wedding was super! What a great day! It was the hottest day there and rained for a split second, so no cooling it down for us (but that was JUST FINE!)! The sunset that night was the prettiest we had our whole trip! The pictures are amazing!
For our dinner, they had tables set up at the Bayside (even made menus for us that had our names and wedding date on them - that was a wonderful & a very cute surprise!). The cake was amazing too. And then we all headed to the Piano Bar and we danced under the light of the full moon on the beach!

Negril just couldn't have been any better! It was the perfect size for us; a big group of us went snorkeling one afternoon, which was a blast and soooo pretty! The restaurants were perfect and the staff treated us like we were "high rollers". We did get our room upgraded to one of a Honeymoon Beachfront Suite for 2 days too. That was awesome! And proved especially wonderful the day of the wedding because I had people in and out and getting ready and it was complete chaos and I loved every second of it!!! And the salon...I cannot remember the lady's name who did my hair, but I *loved* it!!! Loved it, loved it, loved it! We've had so many people just rant and rave over our wedding and their whole face hurt so badly from smiling so much!

Of course we've been talking about going back next year! We're trying to figure out how to make that happen though!

And thank you for everything! We cannot imagine another trip ever coming close to the good times, the adventures, and love that we had and shared with our family and friends on this trip! We loved our time *paradise*!

Jenni & Shane
Sandals Negril Resort & Spa, Jamaica
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