Beach Bum Vacation
Thank you so much for helping us with our Honeymoon! We absolutely loved Adventura Spa Palace! Having not been to Mexico we did not know what to expect, you were able to answer every question and everything went so smooth from the airport to the hotel.
The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming just like you said. We were able to go on many excursions for free; we especially loved the ruins of Tulum!
The room was amazing with our own spa tub that overlooked the ocean. The food was always perfect and we could have anything we wanted at any time! AND THE POOL BARS!!!! I remember lounging in an inter-tube in the lagoon and a man leaned over and handed me an ice cold Pina Colada!
Thanks so much for working with us, you are the best travel agent on the face of the earth, oh, did I say "earth" because I meant universe. We will call you when we are ready to travel again!

Sincerely, Jan and Chris
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