Beach Bum Vacation

All we can say Lisa is, "Thank You". Thanks for recommending this place, Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon. It was fantastic! Just as you said, this is a rather new place (7 months old) so it was not crowded. It had everything two adults need on their honeymoon; a nice room with a big bed, a big whirlpool bathtub, walk-in double shower, plenty of bars, an inexpensive spa, and no children. We absolutely had the time of our lives.

As I tell everyone, "You walk off your patio, jump in the pool, grab a float and paddle your way down to the poolside bar. You can stay on the float or sit on one of the underwater stools. Hey, if you fall off, you’ll hit the water instead of the floor. The beach and sea water were so clean, and the water was so warm even Molly swam in it.

There is so much to tell. We had so much fun and already looking forward to going back someday.

Thanks again Lisa,
Bob and Molly
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