Beach Bum Vacation
Hey Melissa,

Thanks the honeymoon was fantastic. We had a great time not doing much, but we found a bit of energy to do a few excursions like kayaks and horseback riding. The place is amazing looking, and all the food is delicious, so we mostly just stayed on the resort and relaxed on our Bali Beach Beds.

It was a great trip, and we'd highly recommend the resort and the Royal Service section. Though, we found we mostly used the larger public pool, just because it seemed a bit more spread out and less crowded. But yeah, everything was great and we really had a good time. I'll attach a few pictures we took, hopefully they're not too big. Let me know if you get this so I'll know it didn't get blocked or something.

Thanks again,
Benjamin & Amanda
Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana Dominican Republic
July 2009
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