Beach Bum Vacation
Hey Robert,
Our trip was absolutely amazing. We ended up upgrading to the Swim up Casita Suite. Wow, it was a great decision and well worth the money!!! The people there were also amazing! They waited on us hand and foot, treated us like a King and Queen. The whole resort was gorgeous. It really sucks to be back, and it has been a tough transition, but we are slowly making it back to reality.

I would recommend that resort to anyone!! As a matter of fact we would love to go back sometime. (We will) We have lots and lots of pictures. We will show them all to you tailgating or something. It's almost football time!!!

And thank you to you guys as well. We couldn't had the honeymoon of our dreams if it weren't for you guys! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Talk to you soon,
Amanda & Brian
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