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There's only one place where you can get total tranquility, luxury amenities and stunning scenery away from the trials and tribulations of your daily life: adult resorts. So it's no surprise that a Heart+Mind Strategies survey found that an overwhelming majority (82 percent) of people say their happiest memories in life were on vacations at an adult resort. The idea behind a 5 star resort is to provide you with a piece of paradise, where your worries fade away and the only difficult decision you make is where to dine on gourmet fare. Though this kind of treatment can be enjoyable at any stage in adulthood, it's especially important to consider peace and privacy when you're embarking on a new marriage. That's why adult only honeymoon resorts are the best places to enjoy a romantic and memorable trip after tying the knot.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to these getaways. Between 5 star hotels in Mexico and all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, you can relax and rejuvenate your way, no matter your preferences or priorities. At Beach Bum Vacation, we recognize that a getaway should be geared toward your interests, and that's why we work to customize these trips to fulfill your ultimate fantasies. Are you looking to nurture your epicurean passions? Let us help you plan a trip that will inspire your palate and expose you to the unique cuisine of various cultures through a Gourmet Inclusive program. Searching for a fun way to get fit? We can set you up at one of our Caribbean resorts that includes scuba lessons as well as thrilling diving experiences. If golfing is your game, let us find an adult resort with an on-site championship course to help you sharpen your skills.

Perhaps you're overworked and simply want to rest and recharge in a tropical climate… Our team can suggest an adult resort in Tahiti with secluded bungalows or one in Antigua on a stretch of pristine white sand beach for basking in the warm sun. You'll have a breathtaking view of Bora Bora from an outdoor spa, where you can enjoy a massage as you listen to the sounds of the waves. Some hotels even feature a swim-up bar, so you don't have to leave the water to sip on an exotic cocktail. If you're eager to explore the nightlife, we can guide you in the direction of an energetic locale with plenty of hotspots for libations and dancing.

With a busy schedule and overwhelming options, it can seem daunting to plan a vacation. That's why we at Beach Bum Vacation are dedicated to helping you design a getaway you'll never forget.

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